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Why Should You Train Legs?

In my opinion, nowadays this is not even a question you should be asking. Just as you should train your abs or biceps, you should also do so with your lower limbs.

For a few years we have seen an obsession, mostly of men, in training their upper body. However, as I see it, there has been a change in the last few years.

Leg training is imperative for anyone who wants to have an aesthetically harmonious body. Let’s be real, nobody likes to see an extremely developed upper body and underdeveloped lower limbs. Therefore, aesthetics is the first factor for training legs.


Another very relevant factor is the fact that well-trained legs can help you with other exercises in the gym, such as bench presses or overhead presses. It is true that to develop strength in multiarticular movements like these you need to have a stable base to allow the transmission of force. This is another factor to take into account when you’re considering missing leg training.

By the way, did you know that the muscles of your lower body are one of the largest muscles you have? And that by training them you are inducing a great stress on your body that can help you both lose weight and increase muscle mass? Due to this great stress, there is an increased production in your body of some hormones that are responsible for anabolism, which can help increase muscle mass or lose fat mass.


Also, leg training is usually a very demanding workout that puts a lot of metabolic stress on your body, which will help you burn more calories and possibly lose weight.

If after all these reasons you are still not convinced, just remember that you cannot train your chest or your arms every day until exhaustion! So, it would be beneficial for you if you could fit in a leg workout while your upper body is resting, to ensure a good recovery of those body parts.


In a last-ditch effort to convince you not to forget your leg training, let me tell you that some studies point out that a leg workout can help you to gain muscle mass in the muscles of your upper body, while the opposite is not quite true.

With that said, I really hope that you will consider leg training as an integral and very important part of your training routine. And believe me, you and your workouts will thank me in the future.



The information included in this article concerns the authors opinion only.

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Tiago Sousa
Tiago Sousa has a degree in Sports & Physical Education, he is a Personal Trainer and also a Cross Training L1 Trainer. He is a former competition swimmer with his own outdoor training business. He aims to bring more science to his area, helping people to achieve their goals in a safe way.

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