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Top Supplement Brands

Top supplement brandsThe list of supplement brands in existence is long. There’s even an annual competition called “Supplement Awards” which selects the best brands in the world in a given year. The winning brands are chosen by the consumers themselves and by the number of sales (we’ll publish a new post about the results of this year’s contest). For now, Zumbu will introduce you to some of the traditionally top brands on the market as well as some important facts about them.

WEIDER  – By far, the oldest brand in the world. They were the ones who sponsored Arnold Schwarzenegger when he was a body builder. They invented Mega Mass- the product that inspired the naming of nearly every gainer product that appeared afterward it.

Twinlab  and Ultimate Nutrition – The second and third oldest brands, respectively. Both were best-sellers for many years (especially Twinlab).

Optimum  and Met-RX  – Produces the best-selling supplement in the world (100% Whey Gold Standard) and is one of the most popular brands in the United States. Met-RX, though not very well-known in Portugal, is very popular in the United States and is also the official sponsor of the World’s Strongest Man competition.

BioTech, USN, Olimp  and ActivLab  – These are the four most popular European brands. Olimp and ActivLab have many quality certifications and their laboratories are considered the most advanced in relation to research and the development of quality products.

Gold Nutrition  – The first Portuguese brand. It’s more focused on endurance sports, but it has products to help meet nearly every type of goal. It sponsors many Portuguese athletes such as Jéssica Augusto, Naide Gomes and João Garcia, among others.

Muscle Pharm  – Though recently created in 2010, it experienced surprisingly fast growth. The Assault (considered the best pre-workout in the world in 2011 and 2012) contributed a lot to the development of this brand’s popularity. Combat Powder is another of their products which, at this time, is a best-seller in many countries.

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