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Gain muscle mass: intermediate level workout

Let’s go to the real deal!

If you already have experience and if your fitness level or your ability to work out corresponds to the intermediate level (more than 1 year of experience) and you want to increase muscle mass, then this article is for you!

In this article, you’ll find a workout plan designed for you to achieve the best possible results!

Type of training

Intermediate level training-Zumub

For muscle mass gains, training is essential. You should follow a training plan that favors your goal.

In a training plan for mass gain aimed at beginner level, it’s a priority, as you can see in the blog article, to do an anatomical adapted training, since a lack of experience is normal in this phase and this will allow the body to prepare itself to the requirements of the next phases.

In this case, since we’re speaking about a higher (intermediate) level, for more experienced people, having a spirit of sacrifice and not losing motivation is fundamental, because the training requirements and the effort you need to make are also greater.


Give different stimuli to the body by combining, in the same training, exercises that involve large muscle groups and exercises that work isolated muscles.

This training will essentially be a training of hypertrophy and strength to achieve more muscle volume gains.

On the last day, a pyramid workout is preferred, the number of repetitions will decrease and the weight will increase (ascending pyramid): it will allow you to take advantage of the benefits of training until muscle failure, to promote hypertrophy and to help reduce the risk of injuries.

If the training is too easy, maybe it’s time to increase the weight you lift. If it’s too difficult, adjust the weight so you can handle it.

Evaluate your performance: If you can perform all the recommended repetitions very easily, then the weight may be very light. If you can’t complete them, it’s probably very heavy. The idea is to complete the series feeling pressure on the muscles and having some difficulties to perform the last repetitions.

Speed of performance

The speed of exercise performance is also very important in this process.

Trick: The slower the pace of performing the exercises, the better results you’ll achieve. You can always do more than 2 seconds of extension (eccentric phase) and flexion (concentric phase) during the exercise.

This will prolong the tension on the muscles worked, potentiating hypertrophy (gains in muscle mass).

Rest time

Regarding the rest time between sets and repetitions I recommend:

  • Between repetitions: between 1.30 and 2 minutes
  • Between sets: 2 minutes

Rest is essential. It’s during this time that your body recovers and regenerates the muscle tissue that was destroyed during training, and builds muscles.

Therefore, you must rest between workouts. In addition, good nutrition is also important and it’s essential in the recovery process.

Check out some nutrition ideas in the blog article. In this process, supplements can also help you. Find some options here.

Training plan for mass gains: 1 week

I could give many more examples, but from my experience, this one has given results. Don’t forget to ask for help and, very important, try to find out if your body reacts well to stronger stimuli!

Monday: Strength and hypertrophy


Cardio – 10 minutes 
Bench Chest Press4*6-8
Dumbbell Inclined Flyes4*6-8
Dips4*Until muscle failure
Triceps Pushdown4*12
Overhead Triceps Extension4*12
Plank3Maximum time
WednesdayCardio – 10 minutes
Pull-ups3Until muscle failure
Bent Over Barbell Row4*6-8
Dumbbell Reverse Flyes4*10
Barbell Curl315
Concentration Curl3 (each arm)15
Side Plank3 (each side)Maximum time
FridayCardio – 10 minutes
Rack Squats4*6-8
Leg Extension4*6-8
Leg Curl4*6-8
Dumbbell Shoulder Press315/12/10
Dumbbell Lateral Raise315/12/10
Dumbbell Front Raise315/12/10
Back Extension315/12/10
SundayRepeat the training of day 1 (and rest the next day) or do cardio. For example: 15 minutes on a medium-high inclined treadmill at moderate speed or a fat burning program on the bicycle (if you don’t want to go to the gym, you can go out for a walk or for a run). Don’t exceed 15 minutes to avoid compromising muscle mass gains.
RestBetween sets: 2 minutes

Between repetitions: 1.30min-2min

*If you can’t perform 4 sets you can reduce to 3


This plan aims to boost hypertrophy and to increase volume while preparing you for the requirements of the next trainings at the same time.

In my experience, you’ll get visible results, but don’t forget that your diet and rest will be decisive in this process.


The information included in this article concerns the authors opinion only.

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