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Losing Weight Without Exercise: Truth or Myth?

Do you have a few extra pounds or excess fat that you want to eliminate, but you don’t know what’s the best way to do it?

Many people may tell you that the answer to the question “How to lose weight?” is: “Doing physical exercise”. But is that the only way?

Is losing weight without exercising a truth or a myth?

This is what you’ll discover in this article.

Losing weight without exercising: Truth or Myth?

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Truth, truth and more truth.

Exercising can help you to lose weight, but there are other ways to lose weight.

So, what are the alternatives?

There already are many people that lack the time, can’t or dislike exercising, here we show some tricks to lose those extra pounds without the need of exercising.

It’s as simple as establishing a healthy diet, with a calorie deficit and good supplementation, although it has to be balanced in its macronutrients (proteins, carbohydrates and fats) and micronutrients (vitamins and minerals).

Importance of good nutrition

Calories are very important. Mainly we have to control the calories of our food.

These calories should come from healthy options: You can’t eat everything you want and expect to lose weight, but you can’t stop eating either because you’ll compromise your health!

Therefore, it’s very important to plan a well-structured “diet”, controlling the calories, because if we don’t control the calories we eat, we won’t know if we’re eating more or less calories, so we wouldn’t know if we’re in a calorie deficit.

Calorie deficit = Burn more calories than you ingest

The best options to boost a calorie deficit

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  • Consume less calories.
  • Accelerate metabolism.
  • Consume more vegetables, they are rich in vitamins, minerals and fibers, and help to satiate, to lose weight and to improve the immune system.
  • Consume more proteins: they help to satiate and to build and maintain muscle mass.
  • Consume only healthy fats: important for the hormone production and the absorption of nutrients.
  • Opt for foods low in carbohydrates: carbohydrates help to provide energy to the body and balance the hormonal system.

Take a look at some examples in our article about the diet for weight loss!

The goal is to lose weight, but this weight should be in kilos of fat. To lose this body fat, you have to lose weight slowly, around 0.5 kilos per week (never exceed 2kgs).

This won’t only help you to maintain your weight, it will also help you to avoid significant losses of muscle mass.

But attention! When you lose weight by consuming fewer calories, the body gets used to this and finally stagnates, that’s why there are techniques that raise calories and then lower them to stimulate the body so you can continue to lose fat.

There are several methods for this, some examples are the carbohydrate cycling method or the refeed method.

In the carbohydrate cycling method the objective is:

  • Alternate days with high amounts of carbs with days with low amounts of carbohydrates.

In this way, we can accelerate our metabolism, helping to burn fat and to balance the hormone production, especially of hormones important for weight loss, such as leptin, which is responsible for boosting metabolism, regulates the appetite and causes satiety.

It’s suitable for people close to their ideal weight and who want to reduce fat.

The refeed method is based on the same principle as the carbohydrate cycling method:

  • Consists of increasing the calories in our diet one day (or more) a week with carbohydrates. This way we manage to stabilize certain hormones that due to the hypocaloric diet destabilize, and like this, the metabolism doesn’t slow down.

More important than the amount of weight you lose, is the way you do it.

A diet should be balanced, so that the body absorbs the nutrients needed for its proper functioning, and at the same time it should help to burn fat and to lose weight.

These methods can help you to stay motivated, especially because of the freedom they give you. With supplementation it’s not different.

Can supplementation help you?

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Of course!

To lose weight, it’s important that you stay motivated. Supplements will help you with this, because they speed up the results.

It’s important that they are part of a balanced diet, because by themselves they don’t perform miracles.

They should help you to control the appetite, speed up metabolism and burn fat, and at the same time they can help you to define.

There are different options, you can consult them in our store!

Here are some examples of supplements that help you to lose weight:

  • Thermogenics/Fat Burners: are one of the most popular supplements for weight loss.

They help to increase the body temperature and accelerate metabolism to boost fat burning.

  • Caffeine is an example of a natural thermogenic ingredient.

It’s a natural stimulant and an important aid to accelerate metabolism and to burn more calories. It has a diuretic effect, therefore you will go to the bathroom more and eliminate fluid retention, which can also cause you to gain weight.

  • CLA: Uses body fat as fuel to stimulate fat breakdown. In addition, some studies found that while fat was eliminated, it helped to prevent weight gain.
  • Inhibitor and Blocker supplements:

They directly interfere with what you eat, helping to reduce the absorption of calories, and they are also important to reduce the appetite because they help to satiate.

Find out more about the best supplements for weight loss in our blog!


Both a healthy diet with controlled calories, as well as good supplementation, will cause you to lose weight and body fat without the need to exercise.

Although reducing your carbohydrate consumption ensures fast results, you will also need results in the medium and long term.

So, as you could see, the gradual insertion of carbohydrates will not only help you to continue to burn fat and lose weight, but it will also help you to maintain your weight and avoids that your body gets used to it!

But you should know that in addition to eating healthy, with exercise (minimum 30 minutes a day), you will get better results, controlling your weight and gaining muscle mass, and at health level, you will get both biological and psychological benefits.

The two methods we’ve presented, carbohydrate cycling and refeed, are especially effective combined with physical exercise, because the days you consume more carbohydrates you’ll have more energy to withstand more intense workouts.

We want to clarify that losing weight has to be controlled to stay healthy, it’s not about giving up eating or doing restrictive diets of any kind.

Consult the

nearest professional for advice for your personal goals, because we’re all different, and we have our unique goals and needs.

If you have any questions, we’re always available to help you. Leave a comment!

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The information included in this article concerns the authors opinion only.

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