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Know how to lose belly fat in 3 steps!

Excess fat isn’t healthy for nobody.

You can even be within your intended weight, but have excess fat in some areas, for example in the belly area.

Here you will learn how to lose belly fat.

You can lose abdominal fat by combining an exercise regime, diet and supplements.

Get to know everything in this article!

You can lose belly fat by exercise, a diet and by using supplements

What is belly fat?

Abdominal fat is, as the name implies, fat which is located in the abdominal (belly) area.

This abdominal fat can be subdivided into two types:

  1. Visceral: it’s closer to the organs.
  2. Subcutaneous: it’s closer to the skin.

Both types have health risks, however, visceral fat is considered more dangerous than subcutaneous fat because it’s closer to the organs.

It’s difficult to become aware of its existence because it’s in the inner part of the abdomen, however, this fat has several health risks.

The excess increases the likelihood of the onset of some diseases because:

  • Decreases the insulin sensitivity, potentiating the onset of type II diabetes.
  • Increases blood pressure (hypertension), potentiating the risk of strokes.
  • It hinders breathing and enhances sleep apnea.

The amount of visceral fat you have may depend on both genetics and your lifestyle.

What are the main causes of abdominal fat?

There are several possible causes for the appearance of fat in the waist area. From stress to nutrition, there can be many possible reasons:

  • Excessive sugar consumption: an excess of sugar in the blood can be converted into fat and may contribute to increase insulin resistance.
  • Excessive intake of fats: especially the industrial trans fats, the least healthy fats.
  • Reduced physical activity.
  • Genetics.
  • Stress: Too much stress increases the release of the hormone cortisol (a hormone responsible for, amongst other things, regulating glycemic levels). When cortisol levels are elevated there is an increase in blood sugar and fat levels accumulated in the belly area.
  • Not getting enough sleep: it deregulates metabolism.

How to lose abdominal fat?

When you think about losing belly fat, you should focus on:

  • Improving your diet
  • Using supplements
  • Doing the right exercises

Foods to reduce belly fat

For nutrition, what you must do to lose belly is not very different from what you should do to lose overall weight. See our blog article about weight loss diet.

Below you can see some foods to reduce abdominal fat.

Foods that leave you satiated for longer:

  1. You should eat foods that are low in calories but which have an appetite suppressing effect, like soluble fibers, such as beans, vegetables, oats, etc.
  2. Proteins, such as eggs, fish or lean meats, also have the ability to leave you satiated for a longer time while at the same time they decrease the appetite.

Oats are an example of a soluble fiber that helps you to stay satiated for longer

Foods low in carbohydrates and sugars:

Vegetables, such as spinach, cauliflower or broccoli are a good option, as the foods rich in fibers, like wholegrain foods, such as rice, pasta, or bread.

These foods are absorbed more slowly by our body, which will make the accumulation of fat and the increase of sugar levels in our body more difficult.

Spinach is a low carbohydrate food that you should include in your diet

Protein rich foods: They are important to reduce the appetite and to speed up metabolism and they help you to maintain lean muscle mass.

Fish, meat, dairy or eggs, there are several options!

Fish is rich in protein. Its consumption will help to reduce the appetite and to speed up metabolism.

Foods that prevent the retention of fluids: Fluid retention causes a feeling of localized swelling.

  1. Foods with diuretic effects help to increase the production of urine and therefore decrease fluid retention in the body. Asparagus, Pineapple, Caffeine and Garlic are some examples.
  2. Potassium-rich foods such as bananas, mushrooms, sweet potatoes or yogurts will help regulate sodium levels in the body, thereby reducing the likelihood of fluid retention.

Reduce your salt intake! Sodium is responsible for increasing the fluid retention by the body.

Garlic is a good food option to prevent fluid retention

Supplements to reduce belly fat

Cutting Gel: Cutting gels are transdermal gels (which pass through the skin) that should be applied to the surface of the skin and act locally. They are indicated for:

  • Body toning.
  • Reduction of cellulite.
  • Muscle building.

They are considered effective in reducing accumulated fats and cellulite in various areas of the body (chin, arms, buttocks, thighs and abdomen).

Cutting gels are an option to eliminate local fat

Other supplements: There are several options for fat loss supplements that, while not fully targeted to lose belly fat, don’t fail to have a positive effect on burning excess fat:

  • CLA: Helps to lose fat and to maintain muscle mass. Helps to tone the body.
  • L-Carnitine: Transforms fat into energy, promotes fat burning and muscle definition.
  • Fat Burners: Increase the body temperature, helping to burn more calories and fat.
  • Green Tea: A powerful antioxidant that speeds up metabolism, helps to detoxify and thus potentiates fat elimination.

Get to know more about the best weight loss supplements in our blog post The Top 3 weight-loss supplements!

Exercises to reduce belly fat

Exercises to lose belly fat, should have two objectives:

  1. Eliminate excess fats.
  2. Toning.

Cardio exercises will help you to lose fat mass. But strength exercises will help you to tone.

The goal will be, above all, to work the abdominal area. Although during a regular workout the abs are already worked (even in a simple run), there are some specific exercises that you can do to define them.

The abs are important for toning your belly

The exercises we present to you will help you to train your upper, lower and lateral abs.

  • Burpees.
  • Plank (lateral or with leg movement).
  • Squats (with jumping or static).
  • Crunches (of various types, front, side, inverted etc.), Elevation of legs (front or side).

There are several options for exercises to work the abs.

To better understand what we are talking about, you can watch the video below. It will give you 20 variations of exercises to work the abdominal area:

Be sure to train the other muscle groups in your body as well. Exercises that work large muscle groups will increase your muscle mass, help you burn more calories, decrease the amount of fat and make your body more defined, including the belly. See our article The best exercises to lose weight.

What you eat also defines how much abdominal fat you have. Choose foods rich in soluble fibers and proteins, diuretic foods and foods that are low in carbohydrates.

Don’t forget! A supplement that helps you to burn fat, will also help you to reduce the amount of fat in the abdominal area. But you always have the gels, which are able to reduce local fat!

What are your tricks? Tell us everything in the comments below ?


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