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10 tips to gain motivation to train!


There are a million reasons why we shouldn’t go to the gym but there are also a million ways to actually do it.

The ultimate goal is to set a routine and not to force ourselves to get into something that we will quit eventually. We have to find what works for us and stick to it. Convince ourselves that it will be ok, that it might take some time, but in the end we will see results. Our lives are already filled with obligations and to-do lists, and working out should not be another task that we add to our weekly planner, it needs to by synonym of fun, well-being and health improvement.


1. Attainable goals

Most of the time, we set ourselves huge goals and little time to achieve them. We need to evaluate a reasonable time frame and a realistic goal, whether it’s losing weight, gaining muscle mass or reaching a new personal record. We often quit because we don’t see results fast enough and therefore feel discouraged.  So, the best way to achieve your goals is to start with low expectations and keep improving on them!

2. The right workout

Joining a gym can be quite difficult if we don’t have enough discipline and will power. We are most likely to show up at classes even if they seem more expensive at first. Spinning, Pilates, barre methods, boxing, bootcamp… All the classes have a theme and what’s great about them is that they are limited classes of 12-15 members max, the coach is available if we have any questions, and the vibe is usually amazing. If you’re going to workout outside of classes, it may work better if you have a Personal Trainer (PT) to motivate you to keep accountable.


3. The workout buddy

Sometimes we need another person to motivate us, keep track of our progress and cheer us on when we don’t feel like putting in the effort. There’s always that person who has a similar level than us and who comes in at about the same times as we do. Nobody wants to work out alone, and everyone likes to chat and share their fitness goals; if we meet a potential workout buddy, we should definitely make contact.

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4. Fitness gear

We are going to be staring at ourselves a lot. We should like what we see right away and not wait until we get toned or lose weight! A couple of years ago, working in out in old clothes and using the same trainers for 5 years was the norm. Nowadays that’s unacceptable! There are a number of brands from inexpensive to super luxurious that offer some really cool clothing in which we should feel already like we’ve been working out for months!

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5. Schedule is key

A dinner invitation here, drinks there, it’s easy to cancel our workout plans to hang out with our friends and be social. Usually, the gym comes in last on the list of things to do. If we know that we are going to be tempted to cancel our class or training at the gym, then we need to schedule it at a time during which there won’t be anyone asking for our presence! For example, in the mornings, during lunch break or right after work.


6.   No excuses during down days

When we don’t feel positive it’s easy to think that we won’t have the energy to pedal, run or lift weights for an entire hour. If we tell ourselves that we don’t have to go hard and that we can go at our pace, things will appear more ‘doable’ and enjoyable. We will feel proud of even having stepped into the gym for that matter. And if we were able to do it that day, for sure, we’ll be able to do it again too.

7. A feeling of accomplishment after each workout

Endorphins are the secret ingredient which makes people want to come back and workout more. After training we feel worry-free and productive. This is the moment that we want to chase before putting on out gym clothes. We have finally let go of our troubles and have a new perspective on things, a more relaxed one.


8. Try different kinds of food

Working out more means eating more but differently. Our bodies will adjust naturally to the portions and we will be less likely to shove a dozen cookies when we have just sweated for an entire hour! And you earn the right to try tasty protein bars



9. Track your progress

Keeping track of our weekly progress is also a great way to stay positive and constantly motivated. Because we all can have a bad day, we should keep track of the results within a week instead of a day by day.


10. Reward yourself

Congratulating ourselves weekly of all our efforts is essential. Therefore, a massage, a hot tub with our favorite scents and ingredients, or an hour of candlelight stretching will only make the following week easier to think about.




The information included in this article concerns the authors opinion only.

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