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How to choose a muscle building pre-workout

How to choose a muscle building pre-workout

In this article we will focus on a specific type of supplement: the pre-training muscle building. These supplements have as characteristics the fact of possessing a lesser amount of stimulant substances such as caffeine, creatine, taurine and BCAAs. The pre-trainings or pre workouts are a combination of nutrients used before strength training sessions that promote more energy, yields increase, vascularization, among other benefits. It is therefore natural to ask ourselves about how we should choose a pre-workout.

When we are choosing a pre-workout, it is common to look for supplements that provide us more energy during training. Thus, our first thought is that the supplement contains more stimulating substances and in which quantities.

We should spend some time thinking about some question as what is the purpose of the pre-workout and which kind of training will be done that day, what is the need of a large dose of energy, will it be a cardio workout or weight lifting,  are we in cut or bulk phase. We also need to look if we need a pre-workout because we are out of power at the gym or if we need more energy during workouts because they are long and the final question is what is the tolerance to caffeine, how many cafes and energy drinks are consumed regularly.

All this are relevant issues when choosing a pre-workout. As we are only analyzing the muscle building pre-workouts, we give you some examples of the most popular:

Mayhem from Mutant: https://www.zumbu.com/EN/pre-treino/mayhem-720g

Pre-Workout Force from Gold Nutrition: https://www.zumbu.com/EN/pre-treino/pre-workout-force-1kg

Shotgun from VPX: https://www.zumbu.com/EN/gainer/shotgun-5x-574

Super Charge from Labrada: https://www.zumbu.com/EN/pre-treino/super-charge-800g

There are some differences to the small pre-training standard / micro doses. The reason why these are higher is because they provide large doses of ingredients that play an important role in growth and recovery not only creatine but also the amino acids.

Besides the muscle building, the ability to increase strength and have a good source of fuel for the muscles; as well as having a good “pump” and recovery are also characteristic of the pre-training consumption.

Thus we conclude that the best way to use a muscle construction of pre-training is taking it throughout the workout, unlike stimulants pre-training, where the taking occurs just before.

In the end, it all comes down to our energy needs. Zumbu (www.zumbu.com) recommends you to analyze your workout and see at what time you need stimulating pre-training or just pre-training muscle building. If an athlete wishes to dispense time to choose the best protein for your training, it is time to apply the same method for pre-workouts supplements and believe so you can maximize your results.



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