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How to gain weight fast: Top 7 exercises

how to gain weight

The reason for exercising varies from person to person. Some people exercise because they want to feel good about themselves, others because they want to lose weight and others because they want to gain it. Often the question is: what to do to achieve these goals? Gaining weight can be a challenge and can be a time consuming process for some people, that’s why it’s important to learn how to gain weight fast and in a healthy way.

We will show you how to increase body weight with just 7 exercises that will help you gain muscle mass.

How to gain weight in a balanced way

Often, those who want to gain weight are those who have more difficulties, either because they have accelerated metabolism, or little appetite or a busy lifestyle.

You must be thinking: just consume more calories and wait for them to take effect quickly? If your goal is to gain weight without quality, then yes!

When it comes to gaining weight there are two options: to gain it in a healthy way or to gain it in an unhealthy way. A balanced diet, an appropriate exercise plan, and well-defined supplementation will make you gain weight in a healthy way.

Of course you have to eat more and set the number of calories to consume by differentiating macros (proteins, carbohydrates and fats). The amount of nutrients you will ingest is the principle of the process of “how to gain weight fast”. To this, you can add some supplements for weight gain, for example Zumub’s Mass Gainer.

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Why is exercise a good way to gain weight?

If you want to gain muscle mass (muscle hypertrophy) and improve your physical capacities, it’s important to do anaerobic exercises (such as bodybuilding). The high intensity and explosive energy requirement of anaerobic exercise increases your appetite, which allows you to eat much more. Doing anaerobic exercises also increases the release of hormones like growth hormone, insulin and testosterone, which will help you gain muscle mass and weight.

  • Growth hormone: is critical for cell growth and regeneration. It’s the hormone that’s produced in large quantities during puberty, allowing the individual to grow faster.
  • Insulin: highly anabolic hormone that controls glucose levels and storage of ingested nutrients.
  • Testosterone: increases protein synthesis and, consequently, increases muscle mass.

Exercises to gain weight

Anaerobic exercises such as hypertrophy and strength training are the most suitable to gain weight fast because this type of training, that often involves lifting weights, is more effective and more challenging for your muscles than endurance training. There are several exercises that you can do and there are some tricks you can use to improve the results:

  1. Do 3 sets of exercises with 8-12 repetitions each, with a balanced weight (you should feel the muscles being pressed – if it’s too easy to lift the weight, it’s probably time to increase the load).
  2. Pay attention to the intervals between the sets. Rest 1 to 2 minutes in between sets, as this will help you to recover and to improve your exercise performance.
  3. Train regularly, but don’t forget to rest to increase the effects of your training.
how to gain weight

The 7 best exercises to gain weight

  • Deadlifts: The deadlifts exercise is very complete and works the legs, arms, glutes, shoulders, hips, among others.
  • Bench Press: Bench press is an exercise responsible for specifically working the upper limbs. The chest, shoulders and triceps are most affected by this exercise.
  • Squats: Squats work with various muscles such as the glutes, quadriceps and abdominals.
  • Bent-over row: The Bent-over row exercise is quite complete because it works the upper back, lower back, abdominals, glutes and arms (forearms and biceps).
  • Military press: Exercise known as military press that helps to develop the strength of chest, shoulders and arms.
  • Barbell extensions: Barbell extensions is great for developing the triceps.
  • Bicep curls: This exercise is suitable for working the biceps.

Don’t forget! Exercising is important for gaining weight but resting after exercise is fundamental because in the post-workout recovery process your muscle tissue regenerates and muscles are built.

Do you have any other suggestions for exercises that you would like to share with us? Leave a comment below!


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