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Exercises to lose weight: what you need to do!

The options for weight loss are several. There are experts who recommend dieting, others who recommend doing physical exercise, but the most effective is to do both completing the process with the use of supplements. No matter what you’re going to change, you want to see quick results. So you need to know how to lose weight fast and we are here to give you a few tips.

Doing physical exercise to lose weight is an excellent option to lose weight with quality. That’s why we show you the best exercises to lose weight that you can easily include in your training plan.

Why should you exercise to lose weight?

The idea that we should exercise to be healthier is well known.

To lose weight you can start by reducing the number of calories you eat. However, only reducing the calories may not have the desired effect or the fastest results.

When you diet, you simultaneously lose fat and muscle. That’s why we recommend that you do sports so that you burn more calories than you consume and lose more fat, while maintaining muscle mass.

Exercise, in addition to helping you to burn calories, also helps you to eliminate fats, increase muscle mass and speed up your metabolism, which will help you to burn calories faster.

In addition, physical exercise is important to stay healthy, as it helps to:

  • Decrease blood pressure
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Strengthen your immune system

Exercise is important to lose weight because it helps you to burn more calories

Combining food and the best exercises for weight loss, will help you to achieve your goal!

Below we’ll explain all the steps.

What are the best exercises to lose weight?

It’s commonly accepted that, in order to lose weight, mostly cardio exercises should be done. However, it’s more and more recommended to do a combination of strength and cardio training for better results. Also high intensity interval training (HIIT), which combines cardio with bodybuilding, is a trend in the world of fitness and also gives very positive results for weight loss.

Combine cardio and strength exercises and do, for example, a high-intensity interval workout!



Cardio exercises (or cardiovascular exercises), such as cycling or running, are important for weight loss because they are responsible for increasing the heart rate, pumping more blood through our body and consequently burning more calories. So they are advantageous on several levels:

  • Increase resistance.
  • Improve the cardiovascular function.
  • Accelerate metabolismo.
  • Burn more calories during training.
  • Improve your mood.

If you like running, we recommend to gradually increase the pace of your run throughout the session so that the body does not get used to it and you continue to take advantage of the training. The higher the intensity of your workouts, the greater the number of calories burned!

Jogging is a cardio exercise and is effective for weight loss


It’s true that cardio exercises help you to lose weight, but they also make you lose muscle mass. Therefore, the best way to “preserve” your muscles is through bodybuilding exercises and protein consumption.

Main benefits of bodybuilding training:

  • Effective for fat burning.
  • Important for maintaining muscles.
  • Helps to tone the body – when losing weight the body becomes more flaccid and bodybuilding helps to fight this.
  • Speeds up metabolism – when we are building muscle we are increasing the rest metabolic rate, which causes the body to burn more calories.

The best weight loss exercises are those that are done in a metabolic endurance training. This type of training consists of:

  • Performing movements that use large muscle groups. These movements should be mostly complex (like clean and press or the squat press). So, exercises that use a lot of muscles to burn fats during bodybuilding training!
  • Use your own body to perform the exercises, or use dumbbells, bars or the different machines that are available in gyms.

The principle of metabolic endurance training is to perform a circuit (doing several exercises in a row) with a short rest interval in between the exercises. This is the biggest difference between a “regular” bodybuilding workout and a metabolic endurance workout: the circuits without resting (or with short rests) between the exercises.

If you do a circuit training and add exercises during rest time you will burn more calories!  

Training large muscle groups helps to gain muscle mass and burn fat

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) combines aerobic and anaerobic exercises. The principle of this training is to perform exercises with high intensity, with very short or nonexistent pauses, not exceeding 30 minutes.

As the pauses between exercises are short, the intensity of the exercises is high and several muscles are worked on at the same time (quickly and intensively), the heart rate remains high and more calories are burned, enhancing weight loss.

The main advantages of this type of exercise are:

  • Burns more calories in the post-workout phase: Although you burn fewer calories during the workout than with a cardio workout, the post-workout oxygen consumption increases with these exercises, allowing you to continue to burn calories throughout the day.
  • Increases stamina.
  • Suitable for people with little free time.

Do you know of any high-intensity training method?

The best known example within this training is the “Tabata” method. This type of training lasts for 4 minutes. Every exercise (8 in total) is done in just 20 seconds and is followed by a 10 second pause to “rest.”

HIITs are intense, short and effective for burning calories after training

Take note

There are several options for exercises to lose weight: cardio, bodybuilding and HIIT.

This is a subject where there’s no consensus among the experts.

Our recommendation is that you include both aerobic (cardio) and anaerobic (bodybuilding) exercises in your workout plan. This way you can expect to burn fat while toning your body at the same time.

They will help you to lose weight because they speed up metabolism, increase your heart rate, and work on various muscle groups.

A current trend in the world of fitness that combines aerobic and anaerobic exercises is HIIT training, so if you’ve never tried it, this is the moment to try!

Lastly, note that with exercise alone and without a balanced diet the results will not be optimal. Add the best weight loss supplements to your diet.



The information included in this article concerns the authors opinion only.

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