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Do exercise at home: the best 10 exercises

When we think of exercise, most of the time we think of the gym or, in some cases, exercise outdoors.

However, these are not your only options to stay fit.

What if I told you that you can stay in shape without leaving your house?

It is true… without leaving your home!

See here the benefits of doing exercise at home and some examples of exercises.

Exercise without leaving home: is this possible?

Training at home can be an alternative to training on the street or in the gym.


  • Comfortable and practical, because you can do it at any time according to your willpower and availability
  • Economical, because you do not have to pay a monthly fee
  • Easy to organize
  • Does not require specific equipment

To start training you only need one thing: willpower.

It is not always easy to train at home because there is always a lot to do, but if you save 30 minutes of your day to train, you will see that you will feel much better.

To train at home you will have to choose, for the most part, for training with body weight, which, if you are a beginner, should not be a big problem for you.

If you have some machines or other equipment that you normally find in the gym, it can be an advantage.

But if you have not, do not be discouraged.

It is possible to keep fit with the weight of your body and with some creativity. For example, using a backpack, water bottles or objects with a certain weight can be great tools to give some more load and more intensity to your workouts.

Before you begin, do not forget to make space for yourself to be comfortable doing the exercises.

TOP 10 of exercises to do without leaving home

Going to the gym or exercising on the street has many benefits, but sometimes it can be impractical, expensive or inconvenient.

Now you have no excuse, not with my exercise tips that you can do at home.



Plank exercises are a great way to give your body a boost while gaining body awareness.

The plank is an isometric exercise (a type of exercise that does not involve movement of the joints).

Simply lie down on your stomach, place your forearms in contact with the ground (or the palm of your hands with your arms extended), aligned with your shoulders, and the tips of the feet on the ground, aligned with your elbows. Your body should keep a straight line and your legs should always be stretched.

You can try to do this exercise as much time as you want or make several 30-second sets, for example.


The first exercise I advise you to do is the popular squat.

The squat can be performed with the aid of the sofa or a chair (to learn to maintain balance), or without help.

In order to perform a squat, you must move your feet to the width of your hip, keep the tips of your feet pointing slightly outward, flex your knees (simulating the sitting motion by pushing your hip back) and perform this movement as wide as possible (try that the buttocks pass the line of the knee and that the knees do not pass the line of the feet), with your heels on the ground and keeping a good posture.

Then you make the reverse movement to the starting position.

To add more intensity, try this exercise with a 1kg rice or 1kg pasta in each hand.

Static lunge


It’s another good exercise to do at home.

You step forward, lower your body, and hold your torso straight both knees bowing. The back knee should approach the floor and the front leg describes an angle of 90 ° (the front leg and the rear thigh are perpendicular to the floor). Repeat the movement and switch legs.

Please verify always that you have a good posture, maintaining the your trunk stretched.


This is an exercise loved by many, especially by CrossFit fans.

Experience the variation in which you begin the motion with the belly upward, the feet in contact with the ground, and the soles of the feet touching each other, flicking your legs to the side (the movement ends when you are in the Buddha’s position).

Lift your torso until you are seated keeping your back straight and bringing your hands close to your feet.



Starting in plank position, hands slightly apart from the shoulder line with outstretched arms, you flex your arms approaching the chest to the floor to the maximum possible amplitude – without touching the ground. Then simply perform the reverse movement to the starting point and repeat the exercise.

Jumping Jacks

To add some intensity to your training you can do the Jumping Jacks.

You start standing and move at the same time both legs apart and raise your arms so that your hands touch each other on top of your head and then you return to the starting position. This exercise should be performed fairly quickly, so when you move your legs apart, you can make a small jump.

Burpees with a push-up


The dreaded burpees can also be included in your plan.

Starting the exercise standing, you place your feet shoulder-width apart and your arms at your side. You push your hips back – as if you were doing a squat – lowering your body until your hands touch the ground. You move to a plank position, you flex your arms and then you make a small jump until you return to the upright / initial position.

Note: If you can not flex the arm after you are in the plank position, you can move directly to the starting position.


The traditional abdominal crunch can also be included in your workout as a way to effectively train the abdominal muscles.

With your hands resting on your head or chest, your legs bent and your feet flat on the floor, you should lift your head and shoulders off the floor (without moving your lower back) until you feel the abdominal muscles contracted.

Mountain Climbers

mountain climbers

Another exercise that will make you sweat is mountain climbers.

Starting in plank position (with the weight of the body to be supported by the hands and the tips of the feet), you advance the knees towards the chest in an alternating way.

Attention! Try to maintain stability and body alignment throughout the movement.

Bear crawl

It is an exercise that requires a little more space, but it is a great exercise to train your whole body.

You should start with your hands and feet on the floor in a quadruped position (with your hips slightly raised).

Hands should be placed at shoulder width and the legs stretched.

Once you are in this position, you are ready to start walking, putting the left foot and hand forward and then the right foot and hand. Your torso must be stable and you must prevent the lower part of your back from moving.

 These exercises can be done indoors or outdoors, if you have a garden, a terrace or a large balcony, for example! 


Training at home is a great alternative and is a very effective way to do a full body workout

Besides being a cheaper alternative, it is also more comfortable.

You just need to have some motivation and imagination and you will see that the training options are limitless. You can even invite some friends to train with you!

Good workouts and have fun exploring exercises with body weight.


The information included in this article concerns the authors opinion only.

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Tiago Sousa
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