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Eat like a bodybuilder: Foods you can’t miss

A bodybuilder is not only forged in the gym, with intense exercises to burn fat to the maximum, damage fibers and increase muscle mass.

He is also forged in the kitchen, the secret of a true bodybuilder, the place where he’ll have to spend part of his time throughout the day.

If you only go to the gym, even with the best program in the world, but you don’t have your diet well designed and adapted to your goal, you’ll never be able to grow and to become an authentic bodybuilder.

My advice is to follow the percentages 60% nutrition, 30% training and 10% rest.

Discover what are the essential foods that can’t be missing in the kitchen of a bodybuilder!

Best foods for a bodybuilder

To stay healthy, we have to eat a diet that’s balanced in different macronutrients.

The goals and needs of each person vary, and the percentages to be consumed of each macronutrient vary too.

For athletes, especially bodybuilders, this is the same. Regardless of the amounts, each macronutrient has its importance.


Proteins are one of the most important nutrients for our body, because they constitute big part of our body. They are essential to:

  • Build Muscle
  • Recover and repair muscle tissue (especially after exercise)
  • Maintain muscle mass
  • Reduce muscle fatigue
  • Satiate

They can be obtained through a normal diet or through supplements. Check out the offer of protein supplements at Zumub.

If you don’t know what is the best protein for you, take a look at our tips to help you to choose the best option for you here.


Essential for various bodily functions:

  • Main source of energy for our body (works as fuel for our physical activity)
  • Help to digest and absorb nutrients
  • Help to maintain healthy functioning of the brain and nervous system
  • Regulate body temperature

One of the resources for obtaining carbohydrates is supplementation. Check out the options at Zumub!


This macronutrient, although often feared, is fundamental. The trick is to choose the best options (such as polyunsaturated and monounsaturated fats).

They are important to:

  • Give energy to our body
  • Support the production of hormones
  • Help to absorb nutrients
  • Promote cardiovascular health

Examples of essential foods in the kitchen of a bodybuilder



Eggs (especially whole eggs) are one of the most complete protein sources.

The quality of egg protein is impressive.

They’re a great ally for building and maintaining muscle mass.

They contain all the essential amino acids and it’s a protein of high biological value. They have a high digestibility and also a very high percentage (94%) of use by our body (absorption of amino acids).

To better understand this subject, read the blog article where different protein sources are compared.

Egg white is used a lot by athletes.

It should be clarified that egg white contains proteins, of course, but it’s not as good as drinking yolk and egg white mixed together, both at the level of taste and at the level of nutrition.

In the blog article about myths and truths about eggs you can discover interesting facts!

But you also have the option of supplements: Discover the different options for egg protein at Zumub.

Chicken and Turkey breast

Turkey breast-Zumub

High quality proteins, give us vitamins and minerals, in addition to other components such as creatine (especially present in red meats). These are important to increase and maintain maximum strength and to reduce muscle fatigue, and therefore help you to recover from physical exertion.

White meats, such as chicken and turkey breast, have a low fat content (without skin) and have a higher percentage of monounsaturated than of saturated fats.

Unlike red meat, that contains more fats and you shouldn’t eat it very often. But it should be noted that red meat has a high content of iron, phosphorus, magnesium and zinc.

The quality of red meat protein is slightly higher than the quality of white meat protein.

To consume quality meat protein in a neutral way and without the disadvantages of meat, you can always opt for a beef protein supplement.



It’s another important protein source with a high content of omega-3 fatty acids, which help to maintain optimum health.

Perfect for lowering bad cholesterol, it has antioxidant properties, helps to boost the immune system, helps to regulate blood pressure and supports weight loss. It’s also a source of creatine!

Classified as one of the healthiest foods, its easily absorbed protein is ideal for athletes who need to get quality protein.

It’s very easy to prepare, grilling or steaming is ideal.



Legumes (soybeans, red or white beans, chickpeas or lentils) are rich sources of proteins.

They are very popular among bodybuilders, because they combine various nutrients, such as proteins, low glycemic index carbohydrates (they maintain the blood sugar levels more controlled) and fibers.

They are ideal to consume at night, because the digestion will be slow and gradually.

In addition, fibers help to improve the insulin sensitivity, an anabolic hormone responsible for transporting key nutrients to the muscles, which can boost the gains of muscle mass. It also helps to control the blood glycemic index

(The glycemic index is the reference of the speed at which foods that contain carbohydrates increase blood glucose levels).

Complex carbohydrates


Complex carbohydrates take longer to be absorbed by the body, which results in a gradual release of energy.

Some of these types of carbohydrates have a low glycemic index, such as (sweet) potato or oats.

Oats are one of the most complete foods for building lean muscle mass, as they are rich in proteins, carbohydrates, fibers and healthy fats, such as omega-6.

Regarding sweet potato, it’s a complex carbohydrate and contains proteins, has few calories and is quite nutritious.

It’s ideal to prepare in recipes for dinner, since its absorption is slow.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables-Zumub

If you only consume proteins and carbohydrates in your diet, in the end you’ll have a deficiency of minerals and vitamins in your body, so fruits and vegetables shouldn’t be missing in a bodybuilder’s pantry.

These foods help to fight dehydration and to maintain a healthy immune system.

So if you usually don’t consume them and start consuming them now, you’ll notice a great change, as you will notice more vitality and energy in your workouts, and you’ll improve your muscle growth.

Some options are: broccoli, bell pepper, beetroot, garlic, asparagus, arugula, tomatoes, carrots, strawberries and pineapple. There are many more, but this list can’t be missing in your pantry.

Healthy additions

You can add foods to your diet, such as cold tea, light marmalade, pure dark chocolate (from 85%), fried tomatoes without added sugars, spices, etc…


Each person knows what his body needs, since there can be many foods on this list that your body doesn’t tolerate or that you don’t like.

People who don’t like some of these foods, can investigate ways to prepare them or add some spices to modify the taste a little so they can consume them. In addition, they can always look for other alternative options.

Supplements can always help, because in addition to being effective, they usually have a good taste.


The information included in this article concerns the authors opinion only.

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