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The best 7 tips for a gym beginner

The summer months are almost over and the new season is just beginning.

September is a month of several decisions, of beginnings, changing habits and setting new goals.

September is one of the strongest months at the level of routine change and that’s why it’s the right moment to sign up for the gym.

In the gym you’ll face a new reality, full of energy, where well-being, dynamism, motivation and persistence are the key words.

When you try it and see results, you’ll see that the body itself will ask for more.

Always remember that the gym, in addition to improving your health, allows you to improve your muscular and cardiovascular endurance and to challenge yourself every day!

The decision to go to the gym should involve strategy and there are several factors that you should think about when making your decision.

In addition, there are some advices that you can follow to make the process and your decision as easy as possible!

That’s why in this article I’ll give you some tips! Pay attention!

The 7 best tips for a beginner in the gym

This process can be divided into two phases:

  • Before you go to the gym
  • After you go to the gym

The first two tips that I give you are related to the first phase.

Only after you complete these two steps, you can move on to the next phase.

Location: choose a gym near your home or work


One of the first tips I can give you after you decide to go to the gym, is that you need to manage your life and organize your time to train before or after work.

Always look for a gym near your home, university/school or work. Because these are places that are part of your usual routine so it will be more difficult to give excuses for not going.

What I often suggest, is that you must train before you start your routine or right after work/school!

Trial lesson: try before you start

Trial lesson-Zumub

Before you sign up, try out various gyms and see which one suits you best.

There are several types of gyms: some more focused on bodybuilding, others on fitness, others on CrossFit … The options are several.

Discover some differences between bodybuilding and Crossfit!

If you can, try different options and see what motivates you the most. They may look like the same thing, but they’re completely different realities.

The physical conditions, payment conditions and opening hours also vary. Therefore, inform yourself before you start.

Once you’ve solved these two previous questions, you can start worrying about other things.

Focus: Stay focused

Stay focused-Zumub

Always think about why you went to the gym and what your goals are.

To tone or define, lose or gain weight, gain muscle mass, recover from injuries, prepare for competitions, or just to feel good, these are some of the goals you can set for yourself.

When you decide what your goals are, think about that this whole process always involves three important pillars to reach your goals:

  • REST

If you workout, eat, and sleep/rest well, the results will appear faster.

Always remember that your body needs different stimulus and recovery time for the next day.

You’ll set new goals as you evolve. Having goals will help you to stay focused and motivated!

Zumub can help you to choose the ideal supplementation for your goals.

Determination: do not give so much importance to others

Entering a gym can be intimidating, at least in the beginning.

You’ll see people who are stronger, more agile, and more resistant than you. Possibly you’ll feel embarrassed.

Don’t feel it! Everyone started from 0 and they were in your situation before, but they evolved.

You’ll feel pain, insecure and uncertain for the first 15 days, but believe that, with persistence, the results will appear.

Don’t compare yourself with others: what matters is what you want and what you intend to be.

Go step by step and you’ll see results!

Ask for help: the right help at the right moment can make a difference


In most gyms, there are instructors willing to give you training tips and to help you with various exercises.

Not having adequate monitoring can harm your body (without you realizing it), although sometimes it may be the fastest way, it’s not always the best.

Waiting for the right help, for example of a personal trainer, can help you to get the best out of yourself and your effort.

Having a personal trainer nearby can help you. With his help you’ll have monitoring, a rigorous evaluation, extra motivation and safer and faster results, especially at an early stage.

He can give you tips for the best kind of training for you and, if necessary, he can give you some supplementation tips to achieve your goals.

Check out the options for supplementation at Zumub!

For your own good, inform yourself about everything you’re going to workout and how to achieve your goals: what’s the best way and how to get there.

Don’t be ashamed

Without shame-Zumub

Always remember that focus, determination, strength and effectiveness are optimal characteristics that you must have in order to achieve your goals.

A lot of people are there to do their training and are focused on this. Don’t be ashamed to do the exercises, to make mistakes or to talk about your doubts.

It’s normal for people to compare themselves with each other (also because sometimes you can learn from seeing the examples of others), but it doesn’t mean that because they’re looking at you they’re doing it in a negative way.

Be patient: a training done is a training completed



The results don’t all appear at the same time or at the end of the 1st month. Don’t give up just because you haven’t achieved what you wanted.

Having started has already put you on the right track, and if you continue, you’ll see that the results will appear.

In the gym, we should always have the motto “A training done is a training completed”.

All trainings must be performed according to the required series and repetitions so that the body becomes stronger and we must NEVER give up.

One of the best feelings is to complete a hard training. Keep in mind that this will also make you stronger mentally.

Important note: don’t want to train everything at once.

In an initial phase, train between 2 and 3 times a week and then add more trainings.

Never forget that the body needs to rest. In fact, one of the main secrets for any goal is to rest.

Read more about the importance of rest in the blog article about recovery.

With these 7 tips, I hope you make good decisions so that you can enjoy the physical and mental benefits that going to the gym can provide.

You may have muscle pains, sweat a lot, and even want to give up, but never forget that without sacrifice there’s no glory and your glory is to reach your goals.

Believe in yourself and don’t give up.

Good trainings and good rest! ?


The information included in this article concerns the authors opinion only.

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David Silva
David Silva is a Personal Trainer and FIT and Life Coach. He uses his profession to inspire others and get them to achieve their goals, whether through his job or his writing. His motto is "A mission of life is a mission accomplished".

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