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5 Best Bulking Shake Recipes Filled with Protein & Flavor

The cutting and bulking are phases followed by many adherents of the world of fitness.

The bulking phase is usually “followed” in the Autumn / Winter season, although this is not a rule because there are several factors involved, such as someone’s personal goals.

However, the characteristics of this time are beneficial for the completion of this phase.

There are several things you can do to succeed – following a diet plan adapted to your body and your goals is definitely one of the key things to keep in mind.

But food does not have to be a problem. Your meals can be easy to prepare, especially with our home-made shake recipe tips for the bulking phase.

See what its benefits are and try our recipes!

What should you do during the bulking phase?

eating during the bulking phase

Bulking is the phase at which nutrition and training (and often supplementation) focus on the goal of:

  • Increase muscle mass
  • Gain weight
  • Improve strength

There are several things you can do to get good results during this phase. The article   “5 tips to succeed in your bulking phase   will help you to better understand what you can do, but in summary:

  • Monotoring a progress
  • Follow a “clean” bulk
  • Rest

Follow an adapted training plan

  • Use the right supplements

All of these points are very important to achieve the goals you have set in the best possible way.

But nutrition is one of the main factors to have success.

This can be a problem, especially for people with no time, with lack of appetite or who do not like to spend a lot of time in the kitchen.

But it does not have to be!

See how shakes can help you in this phase and see here some homemade shake recipes for the bulking phase that I’ve especially prepared for you!

How can shakes help you during this phase?

preparing shakes

During this phase it is normal to increase the calorie consumption and also the consumption of food. This can affect your motivation.

One of the difficulties reported by many people who follow the principles of this phase is the lack of appetite, tiredness / difficulty, not only associated with the preparation of meals, but also to their consumption.

So, home-made shakes can help you in the bulking phase.

That it is easy to make a shake is unquestionable: just put the right foods in the blender, and the meal you need is prepared.

Ingestion and preparation become quicker and easier, which gives you more time for the preparations of the other meals.

Attention! You do not need to replace all your meals with shakes. You can go alternating or only introduce the shakes to vary your food options or at the moments when it is difficult for you to prepare meals!

5 recipes for shakes for the bulking phase

Here, I give you options to prepare your own shake!

For these shakes I have chosen to create recipes that favor protein, which is essential for building muscle mass because at this stage you want to increase your muscle mass more than your fat mass.

I also emphasized carbohydrates – responsible for providing you with energy – but I tried in some cases to add some fat, especially using seeds or nuts, because the fat is also important to give you energy and to maintain a normal functioning of your body.

Banana Shake

Banana Shake

– 200ml of milk (animal or vegetable)

– 1 banana

– 1 tablespoon of 100% peanut butter

You can prepare it with the 100% natural Zumub Peeled Peanuts  or choose an option in the Zumub catalog of an already prepared butter.  

– 2 tablespoons of hemp seed  Preparation:  Add all the ingredients and whisk them in the blender.

Milk Chocolate and hazelnut Shake

– 1  serving of whey protein chocolate flavour

– 250ml of milk (animal or vegetable)

– 3 tablespoons  of oat flakes

– 5 hazelnuts

Preparation: Add all the ingredients and whisk them in the blender.

Banana and Vanilla Shake

– 1 serving of whey protein vanilla flavour

– 250ml of water

– 1 banana

– 1  tablespoon of  chia seeds

Preparation: Allow the seeds to hydrate for 15 minutes, joining water to them. Add all the ingredients, and whisk them in the blender.

Coffee shake

coffee shake

– 1 serving of whey without flavour or with coffee flavour

Try the  Zumub 100% Whey  coffee flavour.

– 1 espresso without sugar

– 1 dessert spoon of unflavoured oatmeal

– 200ml of water

Preparation:  Add all ingredients and mix them good. It may be a good option for a pre-workout to give you energy.

Black Chocolate Shake

chocolate shake

– 1 dose of whey protein chocolate flavour

– 250ml of milk (animal or vegetable)

– 2 pieces of dark chocolate (+ 70% cocoa)

– 1 tablespon of oat flour chocolate flavour

Preparation: Add all the ingredients and whisk them in the blender.

These shakes are also an excellent choice for people who have trouble gaining weight, have an accelerated metabolism, or have difficulty absorbing nutrients.

 Another easy way to prepare shakes to help you in this phase is by using  mass gainers, supplements designed especially for mass increase – you only need to mix it with water.



These shakes will help you consume more calories in one meal, including protein  calories.

In addition to these suggestions of shakes, the basis of your diet should be the consumption of lean meats, fish, eggs (and egg whites), whole grains, fruits and nuts (almonds, cashews, hazelnuts and walnuts, for example).

Try these recipes and tell us which is your favorite shake for this phase.


The information included in this article concerns the authors opinion only.

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