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Uriach Theralab

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Theralab understands your need for unmatched quality, purity and safety in dietary and health supplements.

That's why all their supplements are manufactured just like medicine, in pharmaceutical laboratories, so they can be treated the same way as prescription medicines in terms of adhering to stringent quality and safety standards.

All their supplements are manufactured according to European Union requirements and are subjected to the most rigorous quality controls.

So if you're looking for effective, reliable and pure dietary supplements, at a fraction of the cost for other brands, make sure you choose Theralab.

Theralab was founded in 2007 and offers products created with the accumulated knowledge of its experts. All their products undergo strict quality control procedures to ensure you get the best quality for your health, the natural way.

Driven by their customer base's ever-growing need for products that promote health and general wellness, Theralab continues to develop natural products that are proven to be safe and effective.

Theralab owns a state-of-the-art facility that's equipped with high technology equipment allowing them to produce world-class natural health supplements. To preserve the integrity and potency of their supplements, Theralab operates its own storage facilities that are equipped with permanent humidity and temperature control systems. The quality of their products and services reflects their commitment to the consumer's health and safety.

Theralab has a comprehensive lineup of natural supplements which includes diet products, herbal teas, medicinal plants, cosmetics and personal care products, pharmaceutical products and homeopathic medicine.

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Uriach Theralab Green Coffee Strong 60 caps

Choline contributes to normal Lipid Metabolism

Uriach Theralab Green Coffee Stronge Pack 60+60 caps

Choline contributes to normal Lipid Metabolism

Uriach Theralab Depuralina Lax Duo Effect 15 tablets

With Ascophyllum algae that helps to maintain regular intestinal transit.

Uriach Theralab Aquilea Sleep 30 tablets

Suitable for reducing the time it takes to fall asleep and maintaining a...
restful sleep

Uriach Theralab Graviola Max 500ml

Immune system process of cell division oxidative stress.

Uriach Theralab Aquilea Stagutt Detox 30ml drops

Formula D-Tox, liver and gallbladder function regulator.

Uriach Theralab Beauty Collagen 30 days 30 sachets

Hydrolyzed collagen + hyaluronic acid + resveratrol + biotin + vitamin A. Daily...
dose of health and beauty!

Uriach Theralab Stagutt Detox 20x 15ml vials

Fórmula D-Tox | Alcachofra, Cardo Mariano & Colina

Uriach Theralab Moringa Complex 500ml

Immune system, Heart function help and more.

Uriach Theralab Aquilea Artuculations Strong powder 280g

Promotes the proper functioning of cartilage, bones and skin.

Uriach Theralab Aquilea Strong Joints 30 tablets

Helps to improve flexibility in joint mobility.

Uriach Theralab Depuralina Lax Tea 25 sachets

Indicated to regulate intestinal transit.

Uriach Theralab Aquilea Joints with Collagen and Magnesium 375 grams

It contributes to the normal formation of collagen, essential for the...
well-being of the joints.

Uriach Theralab Colagenius Beauty Total 60 Gummies

Helps hair vitality and radiant, glowing skin.

Uriach Theralab Moringa Complex 30 + 30 capsules

Immune system, Heart function help and more

Uriach Theralab Drenaslim Clean 450ml

Extra Detox & Drain. Passion fruit flavor.

Uriach Theralab Aquilea Probiomax 15 capsules

Helps maintain the balance of the intestinal flora.

Uriach Theralab Fisiocrem 250 ml

Arnica, Hypericum, Calendula and Melaleuca.

Uriach Theralab Depuralina Blazefit Man 60 capsules

Developed for men, contributes to weight loss

Uriach Theralab Aquilea Relax - 30 Tablets

It helps to relax, favoring rest.



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