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Organic Apple Cider Vinegar 946ml

Certified Organic, unfiltered, unheated, unpasteurized and 5% acidity, and...
contains the amazing Mother of Vinegar.

Unfiltered Cider Vinegar (with mother) 750ml

Made from fresh, cold pressed organic apple juice.

Quest Bar 60g

Protein bar. Only 4g non-fiber carbs. Gluten free!

Neem & Pomegranate Toothpaste 150g

Complete oral care. Helps prevent gum inflammation, reduces gum bleeding and...
keeps them healthy.

Organic Sleep Easy Infusion 20 Tea Bags

Cinnamon, chamomile, valerian and other natural herbs enhanced with natural...
orange flavouring.

Organic Cleanse Tea 20 Tea Bags

FairWild nettle leaf, dandelion root and fennel seed, cooled with peppermint...
and aloe vera.

Green Superfood 240g

Raw food mix and certified organic origin plants.

Quest Bar 60g x 12

Protein bar. Only 4g non-fiber carbs. Gluten free!

Organic Ginseng Matcha Green Tea 20 tea bags

The organic whole leaf Sencha green tea with the zip of lemongrass, ginger and...
pure red ginseng.

Organic Clean Matcha Green Tea 20 Tea Bags

A cup to spring clean your spirit with nature’s finest fairly-traded clean...
green herbs.

Sauerkraut 350g

White Cabbage, Sea Salt, Juniper Berries, tasty side dish served with salads,...
grilled vegetables or veggie hot dogs!

Organic Three Licorice Herbal Tea 20 Tea Bags

A tingling fusion of nature's sweetest herbal treasure unearthed from the wilds...
of Kazakhstan, Pakistan and Egypt's organic soils.

Organic Three Fennel Tea 20 Tea Bags

A fennel tea that shows off the flavours and power of this incredible herb as...
it should.

Organic Worcester Sauce 140ml

Subtle flavours to enhance all your savoury snacks and meals.

Apple Cider Vinegar 500ml

Made from fresh, cold pressed organic apple juice.

Organic Date Syrup 350g

Natural sweetner made from 100% dates and is perfect for desserts, baking and...

Organic Gluten Free Brown Rice Penne Pasta 500g

Allows those who are avoiding wheat and gluten to enjoy authentic pasta meals

Organic After Dinner Tea 20 Tea Bags

A wonderfully sumptuous tea for soothing digestion after your meal.

Feel New 20 Tea Bags

The new name for Detox Tea - A splash of sweet aniseed and crisp fennel, feel...
your senses come alive with lush cardamom and licorice root. The new nam

Organic Mint Matcha Green Tea 20 tea bags

An organic spearmint splash into green's goodness.

Pure Cranberry Juice 330ml

Bitter-sweet cranberries, bursting with berry flavours.

Organic Three Cinnamon 20 tea bags

A sweet embrace of organic Indian, Indonesian & Vietnamese cinnamon.

Organic Gluten Free Brown Rice Fusilli Pasta 500g

Gluten Free and Organic Brown Rice Fusilli, warmly welcomed by those avoiding...
wheat and gluten.

Organic Love Herbal Tea 20 Tea Bags

A tender touch of rose fills your heart. The soft embrace of chamomile and...
lavender soothe your soul.

Organic Elegant English Breakfast Tea 20 tea bags

Breakfast deserves to be slow and the tea, unhurried.

Harissa Chilli Relish 125g

Delicious spicy chilli relish adds flavour to all grain dishes, soups or...

Organic Original Chai Tea 20 tea bags

A fairly-traded bounty of gingery warmth, cinnamon glow, cardamom zing, and a...
black tea lift dappled with licorice.

Organic Peanut Butter 280g

Peanut butter rich in energy and full of protein.



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