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Suma Wholefoods

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Suma Wholefoods Tapioca Flour 500g

Healthy thickener for soups, sauces and for delicate foods and desserts.

Cajun Spice 40g
Suma Wholefoods Cajun Spice 40g

Paprika, cumin,pepper,oregano,garlic,chilli.

Baked Beans & Vegan Sausage 400g
Suma Wholefoods Baked Beans & Vegan Sausage 400g

Baked Beans in a rich tomato sauce with vegan Lincolnshire style sausages.

Mixed Peppercorns 20g
Suma Wholefoods Mixed Peppercorns 20g

Suma Vegan Peppercorns - mixed

Paprika 50g
Suma Wholefoods Paprika 50g

Suma Vegan Paprika.

Gram Flour 500g
Suma Wholefoods Gram Flour 500g

To make chapatti style flatbreads...

Ground Cardamom 10g
Suma Wholefoods Ground Cardamom 10g

Suma Vegan Cardamom - ground.

Mild Curry Powder 50g
Suma Wholefoods Mild Curry Powder 50g

Suma Vegan Curry Powder - Mild.

Cinnamon Sticks 20g
Suma Wholefoods Cinnamon Sticks 20g

Suma Sri Lanka Cinnamon Sticks.

Madras Curry 50g
Suma Wholefoods Madras Curry 50g

Suma Vegan Curry Powder - Madras

Curry Leaves 5g
Suma Wholefoods Curry Leaves 5g

Vegan Curry Leaves from India.

Pesto Green Vegan 160g
Suma Wholefoods Pesto Green Vegan 160g

Suma Pesto - Green, vegan.

Celery Seed 50g
Suma Wholefoods Celery Seed 50g

Celery seed is the seed of plant closely related to celery, cultivated...
specifically for its aromatic, flavourful seeds

Whole Cardamon 10gs
Suma Wholefoods Whole Cardamon 10gs

Guatemala Cardamom Pods.

Garam Masala 50g
Suma Wholefoods Garam Masala 50g

Garam masala means hot spices . This aromatic combination of ground spice is...
used in many Indian dishes.

Ground Coriander 40g
Mustard Powder 50g
Suma Wholefoods Mustard Powder 50g

Suma Vegan Mustard - ground.

Black Mustard Seed 50g
Suma Wholefoods Black Mustard Seed 50g

Suma Mustard Seeds - black.

Fennel Seeds 50g
Suma Wholefoods Fennel Seeds 50g

Suma Vegan Fennel Seeds.

Pickling Spice 50g
Suma Wholefoods Pickling Spice 50g

Suma Vegan Pickling Spice.

Arrowroot 50g
Suma Wholefoods Arrowroot 50g

Arrowroot, a starch extract from the root of the maranta plant, native to the...
Americas. It is used for thickening sauces and syrups.

Xanthan Gum 100g
Suma Wholefoods Xanthan Gum 100g

Works well in recipes for bread makers and can also be used as a thickener for...
sauces and salad dressings.

Sage 25g
Suma Wholefoods Sage 25g

Suma Sage. Salvia officinalis.

Piri Piri Seasoning 40g
Suma Wholefoods Piri Piri Seasoning 40g

Suma Vegan Piri Piri Seasoning.

Fairtrade Organic Ground Ginger 25g
Fenugreek Seed 50g
Suma Wholefoods Fenugreek Seed 50g

Suma Vegan Fenugreek Seeds.

Mixed Herbs 20g
Suma Wholefoods Mixed Herbs 20g

Suma Vegan Mixed Herbs.

Caraway Seeds 50g
Cumin Seeds 50g
Suma Wholefoods Cumin Seeds 50g

Suma Cumin Seeds from Turkey.

Fairtrade Organic Turmeric 25g
Suma Wholefoods Fairtrade Organic Turmeric 25g

Suma Turmeric - organic, Fairtrade.

Lavender 15g
Suma Wholefoods Lavender 15g

Suma French Lavender.

Ground Cumin 50g
Suma Wholefoods Ground Cumin 50g

Suma Vegan Cumin Seeds.

Allspice - Ground 40g
Suma Wholefoods Allspice - Ground 40g

This product is Vegan. Quality herbs & spices.

Star Anise 25g
Suma Wholefoods Star Anise 25g

Suma Vegan Star Anise.

Whole Allspice 40g
Suma Wholefoods Whole Allspice 40g

Suma Vegan Whole Allspice.

Organic Agave Syrup 240ml
Suma Wholefoods Organic Agave Syrup 240ml

Suma Agave Syrup - organic and vegan.


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