Instant Oatmeal

Easy, inexpensive and rich source of carbohydrates of slow absorption, great to add to your shakes.

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Quamtrax Instant Oatmeal

Quamtrax Instant Oatmeal is a novel, fun and healthy way to consume high quality carbohydrates and fuel your day with bursting energy of the traditional morning dish.

Quamtrax Instant Oatmeal - The Goodness of Oats The Way You Didn’t Know It

You may be used to having conventional oatmeal or oat flakes but we bet it’s not every day that you come across an instant oatmeal - the number one breakfast cereal in powdered form ready to adjust to your needs. So, why is it so great?

  • Source of Complex Carbs. Taking longer to get digested and absorbed, oatmeal carbs help you to control appetite by providing a longer feeling of fullness. Thus you are in a win win situation - you get your energy and don’t consume excessive calories.
  • Prepare According to Your Liking. You can add Quamtrax Instant Oatmeal to skimmed milk, smoothies, cocktails or any other drinks no matter why you chose to do so - either you dislike oatmeal porridge but want its benefits or are just pressed for time.
  • Use Alternatively to Cook Pancakes. Just mix with egg whites, fry on both sides and a portion of nutritious, quality calorie pancakes is ready to please your taste.
  • Delicious, Out-of-the-box, Natural Flavour -  Enjoy a delicious taste and smell with the certainty that there’ no artificiality about it.

Have your old good oats in a new form and enjoy them even more with Quamtrax Instant Oatmeal!

Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results may vary from individual to individual, depending on a range of factors, including gender and age.

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Questions & Answers Instant Oatmeal

Questions & Answers Instant Oatmeal

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Reviews for Instant Oatmeal

Reviews for Instant Oatmeal

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