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Maximum energy and power that lasts is now in YOUR hands –with Activlab CarboMax Energy Power!

Unlike ordinary carbs that just gives you a quick burst of energy that disappears after a while, CarboMax Energy Power gives you a quick energy boost (from glucose) and follows through with a sustained flow of energy (from maltodextrin). This is the kind of energy that works best for athletes involved in high-endurance sports such as running, swimming or cycling.

Each great-tasting serving of CarboMax Energy Power is packed with 28g of this carbohydrate blend, which is best taken before and/after training:

  • Taken before training - CarboMax Energy Power fills your energy reserves and give you a deep well of easily accessible energy that will last from start to finish.
  • Taken after training – CarboMax Energy Power will quickly replenish depleted energy reserves, increase your muscles' uptake of nutrients and help reduce fatigue.

CarboMax Energy Power is made more powerful with the addition of Vitamins A, C, D, E, K and B Vitamins plus 8 minerals which will ensure optimal electrolyte levels, normal body function and promote excellent body health.

Enjoy lasting energy and power to start and finish your exercise powerfully. Load up with advanced carbs to power your performance – only from Activlab CarboMax Energy Power!

Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results may vary from individual to individual, depending on a range of factors, including gender and age.

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Questions & Answers CarboMax Energy Power

Questions & Answers CarboMax Energy Power

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Reviews for CarboMax Energy Power

Reviews for CarboMax Energy Power

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