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Intra-workout supplements are powders, tablets, capsules, drinks, or gels that are designed to fuel the muscles and the whole organism with energy during a sports session.

 What does an intra-workout supplement do?

Such supplements give your body a helping hand in getting what it needs to go on in a challenging mode. Some of these supps are focused on preventing muscle mass waste, others keep an eye on proper hydration, and some aid in carbs transportation to optimize the metabolism during physical activity.

 Benefits of taking an intra-workout

Based on the information above, choose a supplement that fits your goal best. Depending on the kind, an intra-workout can help

  • Build up endurance
  • Retardate fatigue
  • Maintain healthy electrolyte balance
  • Improve muscle mass quality
  • Boost recovery
  • Provide more energy for more power

When is it a good idea to take an intra-workout?

Such supplements are especially beneficial for those who

  • Have long training sessions (endurance athletes)
  • Are on a limited calories intake
  • Diet, fast, or try to consume less carbs
  • Tend to quickly feel fatigue and tiredness

What is the best supplement during a workout?

While goals of a workout can be different, there are common things for all supplements to avoid. Make sure to carefully study the label for non-transparent blends and complex chemical substances that are hard to find info about.

You may also want to pay attention to the calories and sugars in the ingredients list as well as to the supp’s compliance with your special dietary needs like lactose or gluten sensitivity for example.

When deciding on what helps you best, go for options that feature electrolytes, essential amino acids (EAAs), BCAAs, and complex carbs for these are the compounds that actually do the supporting job.

What should I eat during a workout?

While specially balanced supplements are a ready way to infuse your body with more energy, it can also be a good idea to quickly reload your batteries with snacks like bars that feature proteins and carbs.

With the diversity we offer here at Zumub the best path is to try and see what makes your personal goals easier to achieve, while perfectly fitting your preferences and lifestyles.

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Xtend BCAAs 423g
Xtend BCAAs 423g

Intra-Workout Catalyst / Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Recover Faster

Xtend BCAAs 1,276kg
Xtend BCAAs 1,276kg

Intra-Workout Catalyst / Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Recover Faster

Amino Charge 570g
Amino Charge 570g

Concentration and performance booster pre- & intra-workout amino complex.

BCAA Sensation 333g
BCAA Sensation 333g

Mixes Instantly • Amazing Flavour • Recovery • Performance • Carb Free

YOPRO 12x250ml
YOPRO 12x250ml

UHT skimmed milk enriched with protein, ideal for athletes looking to promote...
muscle recovery.

YOPRO 250ml
YOPRO 250ml

UHT skimmed milk enriched with protein, ideal for athletes looking to promote...
muscle recovery.



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