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isotonic drink with extract of ginseng!

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Your focus and determination in finishing your exercise routine is absolutely admirable, but you should not neglect the basics, which is proper hydration.

Activlab presents a high-performance drink that will keep you energized and hydrated from beginning to end – IsoActive!

How does IsoActive do its job?

IsoActive starts by supplying your body with fast-acting carbs in the form of glucose that will give you an immediate surge of energy.

But where Isoactive shines through is its Hydration formula!

Athletes need more than just water because the body doesn't just lose water when you sweat – you also lose vital minerals and electrolytes that are important for normal body function. If you don't replace these electrolytes in time, you will get dehydrated, weak and unable to continue.

IsoActive gives you all the 5 essential electrolytes: Sodium, Potassium, Calcium, Chloride and Magnesium; allowing your electrolytes levels to go back to normal.

Apart from its top-quality formula, IsoActive flavouring system is amazing. 100% refreshing and great tasting with new flavours, including cherry (with resveratrol), lemon (with green tea), grapefruit (with ginseng) and orange (with guarana)! You will never get bored. You will always be performing at your best!

Hydrate like a pro. Choose the ultimate isotonic drink: Activlab IsoActive!


Questions & Answers Isoactive

Questions & Answers Isoactive

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Reviews for Isoactive

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