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Other Accessories

If you’re looking for a functional accessory to make your athletic experience more comfortable and enjoyable, then this section is for you as it features a variety of products that could come in handy for an active person like you.

Our sports accessories include

  • Pill boxes
  • Lunch boxes
  • Frisbee disks
  • Pressure gauges
  • Balance boards
  • Balls
  • Padlocks
  • Thermal bags
  • Electric compressors

Browse this category for the kind of things you didn’t know you needed until you saw them and they are likely to make a change in your lifestyles.

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Silicone Wristband
Silicone Wristband

circumference 22.5 cm

6 Silicone Earplugs Silicon
6 Silicone Earplugs Silicon

For water and wind. Luxury for the ears.

8 Foam Earplugs Color
8 Foam Earplugs Color

In night clubs, parties, concerts, festivals and sporting events, reduces the...
noise level. Stylish.

Asana Women's Fitness Meal Prep Bag
Asana Women's Fitness Meal Prep Bag

The most unique and innovative women's fitness meal prep bag in the world!

Pill box

5 compartments. Safe and practical

£0.87 £0.74
Save 15%
Meal Box Zumub 190x135x60

Made from PP polypropylene, premium Buchsteiner quality for best finish,...
function and shelf life.



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