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Boxe & Martial Arts

If the challenging spirit of boxing and martial arts is in your DNA, then this page will offer you lots of value to make your sessions and competitions safe, more comfortable, and efficient.

We know that boxing and martial arts are the sports of the brave and that is why we place special emphasis on protection and offer

  • Gloves
  • Bandages
  • Wraps
  • Helmets and mouthguard

We also want you to enjoy the freedom of every move, so we’ve selected some high quality clothing like kimonos and belts.

Last but not least, here you’ll also find essential training accessories like boxing pears, bags, and boxing pear support units.

Define your needs, tick the right box in our filter and get the things that will fill your favorite sport with even more inspiration and vigor.

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Judogi Kimono Judo 130 cm Blue

Incl. White Belt. Grammage - 320g.

Judogi Kimono Judo 140 cm Blue

Incl. White Belt. Grammage - 320g.



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