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Shakers and Bottles

Water jug 'I Am Dedicated' 2200ml

A regular shaker bottle usually is not big enough for long sessions. Our 2.2...
liter Water Jug will solve that problem.

Shaker Dymatize

Dymatize Shaker new and improved Design

Shaker Weider Victory

This shaker is ideal to take to the gym, work, etc..

Stainless Steel Bottle VPLab 700ml

Stainless steel bottle for water and sports drinks.

GAT Shaker Cup 700ml

Dishwasher Safe, 700ml Shaker with Printed GAT Logo!

Shaker Pharma First

Ideal for powder preparations in a shaker

USN Shaker

Easy to clean and secure screw cap!

Mini Shaker USN 400ml

USN 400ml protein shaker bottle. BCAAs, pre-workout mixer bottle. Clear/blue.

Shaker New Form

New Form Shaker including mesh inside for improving mix-ability


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