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Shakers and Bottles

Multi Shaker Zumub

Shaker with extra serving compartment.

Scoop 70ml

10ml or 70ml Scoop.

Vortex Portable Mixer

Battery powered protein shaker, also powdered supplement blender

Applied Nutrition Shaker 700ml

A 700ml capacity shaker with the Applied Nutrition branding, available with a...
black, yellow or red top.

Applied Nutrition Metal Shaker

A great alternative to your plastic shaker cup!

Water jug 'I Am Dedicated' 2200ml

A regular shaker bottle usually is not big enough for long sessions. Our 2.2...
liter Water Jug will solve that problem.

Squeeze Water Bottle 'I am dedicated'

1 liter capacity. Auto-closing nozzle. BPA free. Suck it up! One last squeeze.

Alpha Bottle 750ml

Alpha Seal' silicone seal ensures the shaker is 100% leak proof. BPA & DEHP...


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