Shaker Biotech 600ml

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Shaker Biotech

600 ml Shaker bottle.

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Biotech Shaker

What requirements should a shake answer for you to pick it among the others? Biotech tried to guess your thoughts and created Biotech shaker to satisfy your wishes.

Preparable and Consumable Anywhere

Biotech Shaker is a great option both for those who prefer to do everything in advance and for those who just do things when they need.

You can fill the shaker with your favorite powder and mixing it at home or taking it with you and “do some cooking” right after the workout.

At home, at work or in the gym, you choose the best place to prepare and to use it.


The leakage-proof top will prevent the powder from being scattered, saving you from such an inconvenience.


Biotech Shaker features a bottle top which eliminates the necessity of pouring your shake into a glass and washing it after all as well as of the awkwardness of drinking from something that is not designed for it. What is more, Biotech Shaker has a strainer to make your shake as smooth as possible.

Speaks For Itself

Just look at how stylish this Biotech Shaker is. Can anybody at all have doubts that you are in for what you are doing? Can anybody, including yourself, question your determination?

If you feel that there’s just been some guessing magic, yield to it and consider Biotech Shaker as a worthy option.

Questions & Answers Shaker Biotech

Questions & Answers Shaker Biotech

Have a question about Shaker Biotech? What is it, what does it do, how and when to use or something else? Ask us.

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