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Blender Bottle Sportmixer

Ordinary shaker cups usually leak, drip, and have a hard time dissolving thick powders. If you are tired of dealing with such low-quality shaker cups, now is the time to go for something premium... get your hands on a Sportmixer by Blender Bottle!

The Sportmixer gets all your shaker-cup dilemmas solved with its extra-sturdy construction and leak-proof design. It features a snap-on flip cap and a screw-on lid, which will keep your liquids secured even while you are on the move. With the Sportmixer, you can finally enjoy your exercise drinks without having to clean up those leaks and spills!

The Sportmixer also comes with the BlenderBall wire whisk inside the container, which is meant to pulverize and dissolve even the toughest powders. This will ensure a perfect-textured drink every single time!

Regular shaker cups easily stain and smell, no matter how hard you clean them. The Sportmixer is made of Eastman Tritan plastic, which is highly durable and is designed to resist stains and unwanted odors!

Attach the Sportmixer to your gym bag or backpack with its SportLoop attachment, and have an easier time gripping with its rubber SportGrip.

Get rid of your old shaker cup now and replace it with something way better... choose the BlenderBottle Sportmixer!

Questions & Answers Sportmixer

Questions & Answers Sportmixer

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Reviews for Sportmixer

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