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Shakers and Bottles

Being able to take your shake or drink pure water any time at any place is often a cornerstone of efficient athletic activity and overall wellness, while the modern pace of life can make it impossible to stay hydrated or supplement with convenient flexibility.

Here at Zumub we offer a wide selection of water bottles and shakers that can allow you to keep to the supplementation regimen and get enough water no matter what situations life offers.

  • ‘All-day’ and smaller-size water jugs and bottles
  • Shakers to store, transport, and prepare supps in a mess-free way
  • Various capacities from huge to small
  • Different materials including quality plastic and metal
  • Durable and leakage-proof designs
  • Wide selection of brands and colors

We’re happy to offer you dozens of options that can satisfy your needs at a custom level. Explore our range to find the very special accessory that will make your life more comfortable and will allow you to save time for the things you love.

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Shaker Stronger Together 700 ml

BPA and DEHP free. Scale in ml and oz. Microwave, dishwasher, and freezer...

Zumub Water Jug 2200 ml

BPA and DEHP free. 100% leakage proof. Recyclable.

Wave Shaker 600ml
Wave Shaker 600ml

Titanium dioxide free.

Aluminum Bottle 800ml

25 cm height x 7 cm diameter

Shaker Cup 600ml

The Mixer Ball moves freely throughout the bottle as you shake it, mixing the...
thickest of drinks with ease.

C4 Shaker 600ml

Designed for people on the go, it offers a unique strainer and leak-proof lid.

Applied Nutrition Shaker 700ml

A 700ml capacity shaker with the Applied Nutrition branding, available with a...
black, yellow or red top.

GoStak Blender Bottle 3x60ml

Easily attach jars to each other in any order and any size. A quick...
quarter-turn locks them together.



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