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Shoot N Shake

About this brand

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Shoot N Shake is the ultimate solution for those who are tired of spilling powders while preparing their protein shake or meal replacement drink. This simple yet innovative scoop promotes the usage of disposable water bottles for your workout shakes, eliminating the need to clean up soiled shaker bottles at home.

The Shoot N Shake scoop's nozzle is designed to fit easily into the mouth of a disposable water bottle. Just scoop up your powder, fit the nozzle into the disposable water bottle, and squeeze the specially designed trigger to empty the powder contents – all without making a powdery mess!

Shoot N Shake is easy to use, even a pre-schooler can use it! Shoot for practicality, and say goodbye to smelly shaker cups that need cleaning after your exercise. Just shoot it and shake it with the Shoot N Shake scoop!

Shoot N Shake The Perfect Protein Scoop

The last scoop you'll ever need!


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