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Let’s be honest: Each company has their flagship products. They may have a catalog with 200 products but only 1, 2 or 10 are really inspirational… The same happens with Scivation.

Scivation is all about Xtend – a multiple award winning intra/post-workout/recovery/BCAA formula. A formula that is so good and superior that it keeps winning the recovery product of the year, year after year.

Scivation is not about creatine formulas or protein powders or even fat burners. Scivation is all about Xtend and recovery.

So if you’re looking for unmatched recovery, more endurance for your workouts, to maintain lean muscle mass while dieting and losing fat, or any or all of these, in a BCAA drink that tastes so good you will want to drink it all the time, you should definitely try Xtend!

Xtend 423g
Scivation Xtend 423g

Intra-Workout Catalyst / Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Recover Faster

Scivation Xtend 1,276kg

Intra-Workout Catalyst / Build Muscle, Burn Fat, Recover Faster

Xtend Free BCAAs 450g
Scivation Xtend Free BCAAs 450g

The same award-winning XTEND formula with all natural flavors, colors, and...
sweeteners to avoid certain ingredients.

Xtend RTD 500ml
Scivation Xtend RTD 500ml

Hydration + BCAAs

Scivation Xtend BCAAs 1000mg 200 capsules

1000mg capsules also with citrulline malate to support recovery and muscle...

Scivation Funnel

Fill N Go Funnel.

Scivation Psycho 306g

The pre-workout mindset!

Scivation Novem 390g

Pre-Workout Annihilation: Intensity, Energy, Volume


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