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Sci-MX is a top-tier sports nutrition brand name that hails from the UK. They are one of the largest independently-owned, and fastest growing sports supplement companies in Europe. They stand firm on their belief that every fitness-oriented individual deserves sports nutrition that really works.

Founded in 2007, Sci-Mx has risen to become a dominant challenger in the UK sports nutrition environment. Their founders are equally passionate about training, sports and fitness so you can rest assured that all their products have your athletic goals in mind.

Sci-Mx is proud to reveal that 88% of their customers purchase their products because of word-of-mouth recommendation. They also have a growing customer base that loyally purchases Sci-MX products repeatedly. This is the best indicator for customer satisfaction!

So all in all, Sci-MX is simply the intelligent choice for superb sports nutrition! (Read More)

Sci-MX GRS 9-Hour Protein 2.28kg

State-of-the-art multi release protein complex.

Sci-MX Pro 2Go Cookie 75g

A delicious tasting, soft baked cookie with 23g protein.

Sci-MX Pro V-Gain Protein 900g

100% plant-based dairy free protein powder, containing an impressive 34g...
protein, with 5.7g BCAAs per serving.

Sci-MX Diet Pro Meal 2Kg

Delicious Weight Management Shake For Fat Loss & Toning

Sci-MX Pro 2Go Duo Bar 60g

High protein nourishment bar

Sci-MX Pro 2Go Duo Bar 12 x 60g

High protein nourishment bar

Sci-MX Pro 2Go Cookie 12x75g

A delicious tasting, soft baked cookie with 23g protein.

Sci-MX Grow + Hardcore 2 kg

High Protein Muscle Gain Formula To Support High Intensity Training

Sci-MX Omni Mx Leancore 1.1kg

Elite grade all-in-one lean gain solution

Sci-MX CLA Ultralean 1000 90 softgels

Scientifically Researched Fat Loss Aid

Sci-MX HMB 3000 90 caps

Advanced Muscle Preservation Formula

Sci-MX Gak-Mx 128 Caps

Potent Gakic Capsules For Training Support

Sci-MX 100% Ultragen Whey 908g

Muscle, size & definition


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