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Quamtrax is a brand that is based in Madrid, Spain. This company is committed to developing a wide range of sports nutrition products which aid consumers in their quest to improve their physique and athletic performance.

Through the years, Quamtrax has stayed on a steady track of growth and expansion, enjoying a significant presence in major health supplement retail establishments and getting featured in a variety of sports publications. (Read More)

Quamtrax Massive Gainer 7kg

New megadose formula for real muscle gains!

Massive Gainer 3,7kg
Quamtrax Massive Gainer 3,7kg

New megadose formula for real muscle gains!

Quamtrax L-Glutamine Powder 800 g

Guarantee of quality, we include Ajinomoto seal.

Lifting Straps Quamtrax
Quamtrax Lifting Straps Quamtrax

The lifting straps are an essential accessory for a good weight training.

Quamtrax Gluta 5 800 g

Glutamine, BCAA and taurine

Quamtrax Instant Oatmeal 1.2kg

Easy, inexpensive and rich source of carbohydrates of slow absorption, great to...
add to your shakes.

Quamtrax Protein Pack 45 g

15 grams of protein per bar

Quamtrax Gluta 5 400 g

Glutamine, BCAA and taurine

Quamtrax Vitargo Carboloader 1kg

Maximum glycogen loading, energy and recovery drink


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