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Pura Moringa

About this brand

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Pura Moringa is a German company that aims to introduce everyone to the amazing health benefits of the Moringa tree. Being packed with rich amounts of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, fiber, and protein, it's no wonder that the Moringa tree is also called the Tree of Life and the Miracle Tree.

It all started when Daniel Leibitz, one of the two founders of Pura Moringa, began working in many African countries for non-profit organizations. They discovered that Africa loses significant amounts of farmland every day because of erosion, land loss, and the exhaustion of soil nutrients. As a solution, they began planting Moringa trees because it was able to strengthen the soil, restore soil nutrients, and protect the soil against wind erosion.

The goal of Pura Moringa is to make the health benefits of Moringa available to everyone in a convenient way. Pura Moringa products are an excellent source of Moringa-sourced nutrition that can strengthen your immune system, boost your energy levels, fight off stress, delay the onset of aging, sharpen your thinking, and a whole lot more!

Pura Moringa Moringa Power Shots 90 capsules

With 46 different antioxidants per capsule


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