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Feeding your muscles with the right type of nutrition ensures optimal muscle growth and maintenance, allowing you to quickly achieve your fitness goals. For active people like you who have high protein requirements, PowerBar presents a superb-tasting protein bar for your nutritional needs... have yourself a PowerBar 52% Protein Plus protein bar!

As its name implies, each 52% Protein Plus bar contains 52% protein, translating to 26g of protein in each serving. Its protein blend consists of Calcium Caseinate, Whey Protein, and Soy Protein that gives you rich amounts of muscle-building amino acids that support muscle growth, recovery, and maintenance.

The 52% Protein Plus bar also has a reduced carbohydrate content, only containing 12g of carbs and only 3.4g of fat per serving. These carbs can provide you with extra energy for your day, without contributing to unwanted fat storage or weight gain.

The 52% Protein Plus bar is made to taste absolutely delicious with its soft and fluffy texture, combined with crunchy crisps for an added punch. This protein bar is best consumed right after exercise or in-between meals to satisfy your hunger cravings.

Get more protein for your body and achieve your athletic goals in less time... healthy snacking, more protein, and excellent taste is what you get with PowerBar 52% Protein Plus!

Questions & Answers 52% Protein Plus

Questions & Answers 52% Protein Plus

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Reviews for 52% Protein Plus

Reviews for 52% Protein Plus

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highest protein bar - 08/20/2016
by Gavin Blatchford - Zumub Verified Purchase

highest available protein content, and good taste too. THE BEST PRICE AROUND on here

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