Fully clinically dosed post-workout to replenish your glycogen for faster recovery and muscle growth.

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Questions & Answers PostLift

Questions & Answers PostLift

How it works and What it promises this product?   (Show original)
by Simone
The product is a post-workout contains BCAAS and Glutamine to help recovery post workout and the protein synthesis, also contains cluster Dextrin to make the full reserves of glycogen, electrolytes for rehydration.   (Show original)
by Zumub - 06/13/2018 0 0
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Reviews for PostLift

Reviews for PostLift

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highly recommended product - 11/02/2017
by Bartosz Sajewski - Zumub Verified Purchase   (Show original)

Postlift works. I was looking for a product that would allow me to go through the day after a very intense morning workout. I started using Postlift t after a few weeks of training and really feel the difference. It does not remove fatigue or muscle soreness, but reduces the overall stiffness. Pros: it's a clinically dosed post-workout with no sugar, artificial colors or proprietary blend. Cons: if any, I would say that the taste (fruit punch) is more like a punch then a fruit - it tastes horrible just like any other pre- or post-workout I have tested.

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Excelente - 05/05/2018
by Andre Branco - Zumub Verified Purchase   (Show original)

Add extreme quality

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