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Physicool is the brand behind the revolutionary Physicool Bandage, which is infused with fast-evaporating alcohols and medically formulated coolant – quickly providing relief from muscle pains, providing a cooling effect, and speeding up healing and recovery.

Physicool began with the equine market when its sister company, Equinice, created the Rapid Evaporation Cooling System for treating race horses. After receiving feedback that the jockeys also used Physicool to obtain relief from muscle aches and sprains, Physicool began testing and developing a bandage that can be used by humans.

For innovative cooling and relief from sprains, it's time to forget about ordinary bandages... if you want advanced cooling and healing effects, you can only get it from a Physicool bandage! (Read More)

Physicool Bandage Size B – knee, leg, shoulder

Size B (12cm x 3m). Reusable cooling bandage. Instant cooling, compression and...

Physicool Coolant Spray 500ml

Cool recharge your bandages. instant cooling therapy!

Physicool Combination Pack

One Bandage Size A (10cm x 2m) and one 150ml bottle of Coolant. ideal for...
treating wrist, elbow and ankle sprains and injuries.

Physicool Bandage Size A – ankle, wrist, elbow

Reusable cooling bandage, Size A (10cm x 2m). Instant cooling, compression and...


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