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Products for Competition

Pro Tan Instant Competition Color Top Coat 207ml

The ultimate competition color that can also be used for modeling, photography,...
and filming.

Hot Stuff High Definition Optimizer Oil118ml

Enhance the Appearance of Your Vascularity for the Ultimate Shredded Look.

Competition Color Super Dark Top Coat 100ml

Ultra-dark bronzing spray, a dark, natural looking walnut color, perfect for...
all competitions.

Buns Of Steel 237ml

Maximum Toning Cream Perfect for Use on Buttocks and Thighs.

Muscle Juice Maximum Definition Competition Posing Oil 118ml

The ultimate physique presentation and total muscular definition posing oil.

Pro Tan Instant Quick Bronze Top Coat Sheen 58g

Get that dark, healthy, rich tan in seconds...

Get Buffed Pre-Tan Body Scrub 237ml

Pre-Tan Body Scrub and Skin Balancing Exfoliator.

Bikini Bite No-Slip Suit Fastener Roll-On 89ml

Washes Off with Soap and Water, Won’t Stain Bikini.

Sunny Day Golden Glow Self Tanning Lotion 237ml

Enjoy a Beautiful, Radiant Tan Year Round without the Harmful Effects of the...

Muscle Sheen 58g

Highlights and enhances the appearance of both your muscularity and total...

Abs Of Steel Maximum Definition Cream 237ml

Maximum Definition Cream Perfect for Use on Abdominals, Obliques and Serratus...

Two Minute Tan Sunless Bronzer 237ml

Sunless Bronzer, Instant Glow Dark Tanning Gel.


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