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Unhealthy! That's the first thing that comes to mind when prepared meals becomes the topic of discussion. Performance Meals by Natural Sports Nutrition begs to differ. They aim to provide balanced nutrition for individuals who lead active lifestyles through their groundbreaking easy-to-prepare meals.

Performance Meals products are developed by highly qualified sports nutritionists who work hand-in-hand with leading food technologists. Their groundbreaking products provide several health-boosting benefits to fitness enthusiasts, such as supporting weight management and promoting healthy eating.

The best thing about Performance Meals is its unmatched convenience in providing complete nutrition. It only takes 2 ½ minutes to fully prepare a rich-tasting healthy meal. They're  complete meals that are great sources of protein, complex carbs, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

If you're looking for healthy, easy-to-cook meals that meet all your nutritional needs, look no further than Performance Meals! (Read More)

Performance Meals Moroccan-Style Chicken Breast 350g

Tender pieces of chicken breast with quinoa and spinach in a mango and ginger...

Performance Meals Thai-Style Chicken Breast 350g

Tender pieces of chicken breast and whole grain brown rice in a Thai style sauce

Performance Meals Mexican-Style Beef 350g

Tender beef mince with red kidney beans and whole grain brown rice in a Mexican...
style sauce

Performance Meals Indian-Style Beef with Red Lentils 350g

Tender beef mince and red lentils in a Rogon Josh style sauce

Performance Meals Chicken Tikka Masala & Brown Rice 350g

Tender pieces of chicken breast with tomato, onion, cream, yoghurt and...
coriander in a medium spiced tikka sauce.

Performance Meals Peri Peri-Style Chicken Breast 350g

Tender pieces of chicken breast, whole grain brown rice, red peppers, peri peri...
style sauce


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