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When a recipe calls for non-stick cooking spray, PAM is the brand that gives you exactly what you need. With a variety of spray cooking oils under its belt, PAM makes it so much easier for you to cook and bake your favorite treats – all minus the mess, hassle and residue you get with ordinary cooking oils!

PAM offers spray cooking oils in different flavors, which include butter, canola, and olive oil. PAM spray cooking oils are non-stick and are designed not to leave any residue (99% less residue compared to using ordinary oils) on your cooking utensils. Using PAM spray cooking oils lets you cover your baking pans, skillets, cookie sheets, or mixing bowls evenly – resulting in a perfect and even-textured treat every single time.

Make all your fried, grilled and baked foods a golden success all the time – all you need is the easy, non-stick and no-residue spray cooking oils from PAM! (Read More)

PAM PAM Foodservice Original

Original cooking spray

PAM PAM Original Canola Blend

Pan coating, stops food from sticking.

PAM PAM Original Canola Oil

High yeld canola pan coating

PAM PAM Olive OIL Extra Virgin 141g

Fat-free cooking, no stick.

PAM Coconut Oil 141g

Superior no-stick performance.

PAM PAM Foodservice Buttercoat

Pan coating, stops food from sticking

PAM PAM Foodservice Canola Coating

High yeld canola pan coating

PAM PAM Butter flavour 141g

Keep the flavour, cut the fat.


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