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Health and Wellbeing Packs

Health and Wellbeing Packs are bundles of Zumub products that are designed to complement each other for a comprehensive effect on your wellbeing. While each nutrient is beneficial in its own way, the organism works as a complex mechanism and one ingredient may not work well enough without the other.

For example, Vitamins C and D promote the best effect when consumed together and probiotics are no less important for immunity than antioxidants.

Here at Zumub we know how hard it can be to plan and combine things, especially when it comes to safe and efficient supplementation. With our packs you get a ready-made solution that is free from calculating and combining efforts - we’ve done that job for you.

Just get the bundle, follow the instructions and enjoy life!

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Quiet Sleep Pack

Melatonin + Valerian Root

£14.75 £11.80
Save 20%
Concentration & Memory Pack

Ginkgo Biloba + Multi Vitamin + Mineral + Omega 3

£24.87 £19.89
Save 20%
Heart Health Pack

Omega 3 + Red Yeast Rice + Multi Vitamin + Mineral

£25.76 £20.60
Save 20%
Pack Zumub Gummies

Super Iron Gummies + Hair & Skin Gummies + Energy + Vitamins Gummies

£48.48 £38.78
Save 20%
Intestinal Health Pack

Zumub Omega 3 + NOW Foods Digest Enzymes + Zumub Probiotic

£46.70 £37.36
Save 20%
Perfect Tan Pack

Vitamin C + Vitamin B6 + Beta-Carotene

£17.68 £14.15
Save 20%
Healthy Living Pack

Multivitamin + Minerals, Vitamin C, Magnesium, Omega 3.

£27.08 £21.66
Save 20%
Menopause Pack

Vitamin K for bone density + Maca for oestrogen production + Turmeric for blood...

£25.67 £19.25
Save 25%
Nails, Skin and Hair Pack

Zumub Vitamin C 1000mg + Zumub Zinc + Natrol Biotin + Zumub Collagen+Hyaluronic...

£32.70 £26.16
Save 20%


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