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About this brand

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Ovofull is the leading manufacturer specialized in egg protein supplements. From flavourless egg white powder to innovative products such as egg protein pancakes, their products have gained loyal customers all around the globe.

Ovofull has a range of protein supplements centered on egg white protein. They have created luxurious-tasting instant powder shakes as well as easy-to-prepare egg and oat mixes. These products are excellent sources of protein and essential amino acids and BCAAs (Branched Chain Amino Acids) that support lean muscle growth and prevent muscle breakdown.

Ovofull facilities are EU authorized and extend over 25.000 m2. If you want an alternative to milk-based protein, choose the advanced egg protein leader Ovofull.

Oats + Natural 908g

Egg Protein. Whole Oat Flour

Mass Instant 1814g

Advanced egg protein. Egg white with glycemic index carbs

Extreme Fusion 4.1 908g

Egg Protein with Protein Fusion

Ovofull Basic Instant 908g

Egg Protein - Dehydrated & Pasteurized Egg White

Basic instant 600g

Special for shakes. Egg White

Basic + Instant 600g

Egg Protein. Special for shakes

OvoFull Xtreme 4.1 600g

Egg Protein with Protein Fusion

Basic Plus instant 908g

Egg Protein. Special for shakes


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