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Urinary System

Urinary system issues can be associated with certain infections and bladder stones as well as with prostate problems in men. They can cause different kinds of discomfort, such as too frequent or problematic urination that can be accompanied with burning or itchy sensations. While, quite often, such conditions are addressed with antibiotics, it can be a good idea to try plant-based supplements first or to have it as a preventive measure

How can supplements benefit my urinary system?

Urinary health supplements are based on the effect of plants, herbs and probiotics. These can be single-ingredient options or multi complexes as well as there are supplements that are designed specially for men.

These supplements can work in several ways:

  • May help to inhibit existing infections
  • May aid in ‘breaking’ bladder stones
  • Have positive influence on prostate issues in men

Which are the most popular ingredients for urinary tract health?

  • Cranberries
  • D-mannose
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Saw palmetto
  • Horsetail

Just like with any other supplement, it’s possible to get most of the ingredients through a healthy and well-balanced diet. However, consuming it in sufficient amounts to achieve a visible effect can be hard. That is why you may want to turn to the wisdom of traditional medicine in a modern and convenient form. Choose the supplement that your healthcare professional and you trust the most and get back or maintain your wellness in a natural way.

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Saw Palmetto 540mg 100 capsules

The best men's herb throughout the globe. Unique formula for prostate support.

Pygeum & Saw Palmetto 60 Softgels

Men's health, with pumpkin seed oil, supports healthy prostate.

Celery Seed 1500mg 180 caps

Supports urinary tract health. Provides antioxidant support.

SSP3 Forte 60 capsules

Promotes healthy prostate size and function.

Cranberry Cyst 30 tablets

Relieves common symptoms of cystitis and urinary infections.

Uva Ursi 100 capsules

Supports urinary tract health

Prostalivium 20+10 vials

Pumpkin, Red Cabbage, Thyme.

Uritabs 30 tablets

Relief of symptoms associated with urinary tract infections.

Pygeum & Saw Palmetto 120 Softgels

Men's health, with pumpkin seed oil, supports healthy prostate.

Cranberry 250mg Fast Dissolve 120 tablets

Clinically proven to help reduce the occurrence of bladder infection or urinary...
tract infections (UTIs) among women experiencing recurrent UTIs.

Fungimax 40 capsules

Helps in the treatment of fungal infections such as candidiasis and...

Ultra Prostate Formula 60 Capsules

Promotes healthy prostate size & function.

Cis-Control Flash Cranberry 20 capsules

It contributes to the normal functioning of the urinary tract and the...
elimination of liquids.

Urosens Strong 14 capsules

Relieves and prevents urinary tract infections



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