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Ohropax specializes in creating sound-insulating earplugs that shuts out unnecessary noise, allowing you to sleep, meditate, relax, or concentrate without getting disturbed by noise.

Ohropax ear plugs are designed for a comfortable fit, allowing you to zone on any type of activity that requires your attention and concentration. These ear plugs seal tightly, protecting your ears from wind and moisture at the same time.

Ohropax  brings peace and quiet to millions of people who are plagued by noise. (Read More)

10 Foam Earplugs Soft
Ohropax 10 Foam Earplugs Soft

Recommended for relaxation and a peaceful sleep.

12 Wax Earplugs Classic
Ohropax 12 Wax Earplugs Classic

The best noise protection product since 1907.

12 Wool Earplugs Windwolle
Ohropax 12 Wool Earplugs Windwolle

Preformed earplugs made from natural sheep wool impregnated with a...
water-repellent substance.

8 Foam Earplugs Color
Ohropax 8 Foam Earplugs Color

In night clubs, parties, concerts, festivals and sporting events, reduces the...
noise level. Stylish.

1 Pair Earplugs Multi
Ohropax 1 Pair Earplugs Multi

Luxury for the ears.

6 Silicone Earplugs Silicon
Ohropax 6 Silicone Earplugs Silicon

For water and wind. Luxury for the ears.


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