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Male or female, in the gym or out, the Basic Logo Tee is the classic go-to.

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Cellucor T-shirt

Cellucor’s T-shirt is a versatile piece of apparel, making it fantastic to wear whether you’re headed to the gym or just hanging out in the neighborhood. Made from a blend of cotton and polyester, this T-shirt offers an excellent balance of breathability, stretch, and durability.

Using fabric that is composed of 60 percent cotton, this tee is comfortable to wear even during workouts. Cotton allows the fabric to breathe, keeping you cool. The rest of the fabric is made from polyester. This synthetic fiber gives this T-shirt elasticity, allowing it to stretch as you move and decreasing the likelihood of tearing for improved durability over pure cotton.

With just a logo on the front this T-shirt’s simple design makes it suitable to wear in a wide variety of casual situations outside of the gym or track. Throw it on over your favorite pair of jeans, and it’s a comfortable shirt to wear when you’re out on the town during warmer days. Wear it under a warm piece of outerwear, and it makes for a great neutral-colored inner layer to wear during the cooler months.

Dress comfortably whether you’re working out, heading to the mall, or just recuperating at home after training. Put on a Cellucor T-shirt and enjoy the feel of its incredible softness and breathability on your body.

Questions & Answers T-shirt Cellucor

Questions & Answers T-shirt Cellucor

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