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Meal Replacements

Meal Replacements are multi-component balanced supplements that feature a variety of essential nutrients that fuel the body with sufficient energy, while preventing consumption of excessive calories.

Who needs meal replacements?

The major benefits of meal replacement supplements are time efficiency and convenience. Instead of cooking or ordering a complex meal with the proper proportions of carbs, fats, and fiber, you can just prepare a quick, delicious shake or munch on a snack bar.

That is why meal replacements are good for those who want to gain muscle mass and/or lose weight or are just in the trap of daily routine. In this connection, meal replacements are an athletic alternative to fast food - they are fast too but serve goodness.

What do meal replacements feature?

While different supplements may have different formulas and may be more oriented towards different goals like shedding weight or building up muscle, there are popular ingredients that occur in many meal replacement supplements and snacks.

  • Dairy and plant-based protein
  • Oats and other sources of fiber
  • High quality carbs
  • Alternative sweeteners instead of sugar
  • Minerals and vitamins

Here at Zumub you can find meal replacements in a variety of aromatic, appetizing flavors that will fill the supplementing routine with the joy of good taste, just like a usual lunch or dinner would. Moreover, you can even find something for the challenging vegan diet to stay true to your life philosophy.

Choose what fits your needs best and remember that we’re proud of being part of your perfection story and are always there to stretch out a helping hand.

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40% Low Carb High Protein Bar 50g
40% Low Carb High Protein Bar 50g

Low Carb, 40g Protein, trans fat free, 100g of best flavour

Diet Shake 720g
Diet Shake 720g

High fibre protein meal with glucomannan, l-carnitine and chromium.

Diet Fuel 1kg

Lo GI Meal Replacement

Foodie 400ml

1 Foodie = 1 Meal with 30g of protein

Diet Fuel 2kg

Lo GI Meal Replacement

Oat ´N´ Whey 1380g
Oat ´N´ Whey 1380g

A Complete Meal With The Perfect Nutrients!

Diet Fuel Vegan 880g

A full meal reaplacement with only 3.2g of Sugar and only 210 Calories per...

Meal Replacement 770g

woman Meal Replacement shake has been fortified with a special blend of...
vitamins and minerals, tailored just for women

Matrix Pro 32™ 80g

HI Protein MRP Matrix Pro 32 Meal replacement for weight control. High protein...
bar available in five delicious flavors. With sweeteners.



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