Drug Free Detoxifier

High Potency Herbal Detoxifier. Drug Free Detox!

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Product description

Vitalabs Drug Free Detoxifier Complex is composed of 100% natural ingredients that assist in the detoxification of the entire organism.

We are invaded by thousands of toxins on a daily basis, which begin to accumulate in our bodies over time.  These toxins appear throughout our day-to-day activities, from pesticide pollution to eating and even breathing!

These assaults bring on elevated quantities of free radicals which can lead to premature cell aging, generating an aged appearance and symptoms of age-related illnesses such as memory failure or difficulty concentrating, and other more serious problems.

Drug Free Detoxifier contains all the properties for deep-cleaning your organism by including the best detoxifying ingredients in its formula.  Its totally natural formula also contains:

  • Argile bentonite (5mg)
  • Rumex crispus (100mg)
  • Milk Thistle (80% silymarin) (15mg)
  • Beet Powder (50mg)
  • Red clover (100mg)
  • Burdock root (100mg)
  • Goldensal root (500mg)
  • and many other totally natural ingredients.

All of these ingredients promote anti-oxidation of cells and elimination of free radicals and toxins, protecting the body from illness.

Drug Free Detoxifier is 100% natural and free of any toxins, preservatives or artificial ingredients of any kind.

Acting on the whole body, from the body's cells to the liver, Vitalabs Drug Free Detoxifier is the ideal solution for those who want to return to a healthy life.

Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results may vary from individual to individual, depending on a range of factors, including gender and age.

Questions & Answers Drug Free Detoxifier

Questions & Answers Drug Free Detoxifier

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