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Liver Protection

The liver is the main filtering organ of the organism. It has a number of functions which contribute to our well-being, such as:

  • Proper removal of waste, harmful substances and urine
  • Regulates fats metabolism
  • Helps to support healthy levels of amino acids
  • Takes part in hemoglobin production
  • Maintains normal blood clotting
  • It’s essential for strong immunity

By taking liver protection supplements you help to defend the liver against the destructive action of alcohol, ‘bad’ foods, pollution and various nasties we may get from food.

How can supplements promote liver protection?

Most supplements that support live function are plant-based products that rely on the action of active botanicals, many of which have been used in traditional medicine for centuries and can:

  • Aid in liver cells regeneration
  • Give an antioxidant boost

What are the most popular liver health supplements?

  • Milk thistle
  • Artichoke
  • Dandelion root
  • Brututu

At Zumub you can find supplements that feature a combination of these and other ingredients as well as ‘solo’ products. Whether you’re looking to detox your liver, give it some preventive protection or solve the existing issues, these supplements can be the right choice - just remember to consult a healthcare professional and pick the one that will fit your case best.

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Liv-Z 60 capsules

Natural extracts for liver detox.

Liv-Z 120 capsules

Natural extracts for liver detox.

Dandelion Root 1030mg 60 caps

Supports healthy liver function. Contains chicoric acid as a source of...

Liver Support 100 Vcapsules

Protect and Support a Healthy Liver

Silymarin - 50 veg capsules

Supports liver function, with artichoke & dandelion.

Liver Support 80 caps
Liver Support 80 caps

Milk Thistle & Liver Support

Artichoke 90 tablets

Cynara scolymus, Artichoke (Plant)

Milk Thistle Syrup 500 ml

Milk Thistle still remains one of the most used herbal medicine plants in the...

Gold Standard Curcuminoids 60 Capsules
Gold Standard Curcuminoids 60 Capsules

With the patented 95% curcumin c3 complex® and bioperine®!

DIM + CDG 30 vcapsules

Detox & Liver Support,DIM + CDG supports healthy estrogen and testosterone...
balance in both women and men.

Brututu 500ml

Hydrophilic Ext. Of Cochlospermum angolensis, Borututu.

Hepa Digest 500ml

Choline contributes to the maintenance of normal liver function.

BioDepur 15 vials

Beet, Artichoke, Horseradish and Milk Thistle

LPC 90 capsules
LPC 90 capsules

Liver Protector Cleanse - LPC

Brututu ampoules 20+10x10ml

Hydrophilic Ext. Of Cochlospermum angolensis, Borututu.

Stagutt Detox 20x 15ml vials

Fórmula D-Tox | Alcachofra, Cardo Mariano & Colina

Aquilea Stagutt Detox 30ml drops

Formula D-Tox, liver and gallbladder function regulator.

Digest Plus Dropper 30 ml

Promotes good liver function as well as gallbladder function.

Hepa Plus 20 vials

Helps protect and provide proper functioning of the liver.



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