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Lenny & Larry´s

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Lenny & Larry's is a brand that is driven by their mission statement, which is “Make protein fun and delicious!”. This brand has come up with a delicious lineup of baked goods, such as muffins, brownies, breakfast bars, and cookies – all loaded with rich amounts of protein and fiber to support your active lifestyle.

Brothers Lenny and Larry started out in the big city as aspiring bakers. Realizing that there were too many bakeries to compete with in their area, they decided to set up a  bakery that offered something special and unique. Lenny took care of setting up the bakery, mixing up recipes, and bringing to life ancient baking secrets. Larry, on the other hand, set out travelling the world to look for nutritious and delicious ingredients that they can use for their baked goods.

Being gym enthusiasts who consumed protein shakes and ate chicken breasts day in and day out, Lenny and Larry decided to create treats that are rich in protein, rich in flavor, and rich in texture. Today, the Lenny & Larry's brand is home to a seriously delicious and nutritious lineup of baked goods that are packed with protein, vegan-friendly, kosher, and non-GMO.


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