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Isostar is a brand name that's recognized as a pioneer in the European sports nutrition industry. After their founding in 1977, Isostar was unveiled to the public as the first isotonic drink designed to help athletes and fitness enthusiasts meet their  nutritional requirements, starting with hydration.

With over three decades of experience in sports nutrition, Isostar recognizes how important it is to look closely at athletes' needs in order to know what their bodies demand. Beginning with the Isostar isotonic drink, they evolved more ways to provide nutritive support to athletes, which today includes the latest technology of L-Carnitine supplementation for those looking for fat loss and muscle definition.

Choosing an Isostar product simply means getting superior support that's backed by years of scientific research and testing. (Read More)

High Energy bars 3x40g - Opportunity
$6.21 $4.66
Save 25%
Long Energy bars 3x40g - Opportunity
Long Energy bars 3x40g - Opportunity

Long Energy cereal and fruit bars

$6.21 $4.66
Save 25%
Hydrate & Perform 400g

Hydration & Performance.

Power Tabs 10x12g
Power Tabs 10x12g

Quick Hydration Tablets.

Isostar Fast Hydration

Isotonic formula - hydration and optimal gastric drainage

Fitness L-Carnitine

Isostar converts fat into energy

High Energy bars 3x40g

High Energy fruit bars

Long Energy bars 3x40g

Long Energy cereal and fruit bars


Actifood is an indispensable companion in the practice of intense and prolonged...

Long Energy 790g

Long Energy Red Orange

Isostar Hydrate & Perform

The isotonic drink that hydrates, provides energy and micro nutrients

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