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Peanut butter is one of those lip-smacking treats that we all can't resist. A creamy, sticky and chewy peanut butter sandwich satisfies your taste buds and your hunger at the same time. If you are following a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, or looking for 100% organic peanut butter for your family, the best choice is none other than Meridian Foods Peanut Butter!

Meridian Foods Peanut Butter uses organically grown peanuts and roasts them in their skin. These peanuts are then crushed, creating a crunchy texture that you will surely love! Meridian Foods Peanut Butter is an excellent source of energy, keeping your body fueled all day for exercise, work, or play!

Meridian Foods Peanut Butter is also an excellent source of protein, each serving giving you 29.6g of protein which can contribute to muscle growth and maintenance. You also get healthy amounts of dietary fiber which will promote regularity and optimize digestive function.

Go organic with your love of peanut butter... satisfy your peanut butter cravings with a crunchy serving of Meridian Foods Peanut Butter!

Disclaimer: This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Results may vary from individual to individual, depending on a range of factors, including gender and age.

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Questions & Answers Peanut Butter

Questions & Answers Peanut Butter

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Reviews for Peanut Butter

Reviews for Peanut Butter

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