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Jams, creams and syrups

Whey Protein white spread 250g

21% Protein, 11% Hazelnut, low in sugar!

Nut Protein Choco Vegan 250g

21% Protein, 11% Hazelnut, low in sugar!

Cocoa Cream Zero calories 480g

Try our delicious chocolate cream without calories, fat or sugar!

Organic Dark Chocolate Spread 350g

A delicious vegan chocolate spread suitable for children and adults alike!

Coconut Jam 330g

100% Organic and natural ingredients.

Organic Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Spread 350g

Perfect for adding to desserts and smoothies, or simply for spreading onto...

Organic Strawberry Fruit Spread 284g

Organic Strawberry Fruit Spread, sweetened only with Organic Apple Juice...

Peanut Spread 355ml

Natural fresh roasted peanut flavor

Coffee Creamer 355ml

Lose weight without losing flavor!

Organic Maple Syrup 330g

...sustainably tapped from North America Maple Trees.

Organic Brown Rice Syrup 350g

A mellow sweet taste to sweeten drinks, as a bread spread, in cooking or for...
sweetening desserts.

Organic Coconut Bliss Spread 250g

High quality, organic dried coconut flesh.

Organic Raw Whole Sesame Tahini 170g

Perfect for raw hummus or as a tasty spread with some raw honey.

GymQueen Queenella 250g

The incredibly delicious hazelnut cream made from roasted hazelnuts and cocoa.

Organic Coconut Blossom Nectar 350g

Made from the sap of coconut blossoms for a rich and mellow flavour that is...
perfect as a topping on desserts or pancakes.

Organic Agave Syrup 240ml

Suma Agave Syrup - organic and vegan.

Organic Coconut Syrup 250ml

Organic coconut flower syrup ideal to sweeten foods and beverages.

Organic Raw Cacao Brazil Bliss Spread 170g

Contains rain forest Brazil nuts and milled organic raw Peruvian cacao nibs.

Chocolate Dip 340 Grams

Sugar Free Calorie Free Fat Free

Nut Protein Choco Spread 250g

21% Protein, 11% Hazelnut, low in sugar!

Powdered Peanut Butter 180g 70% less fat

High protein defatted peanut butter powder to spread, with 75% less fat than a...
traditional peanut butter.

Pancake Syrup 6 Sachets

Calorie free. Ready to serve pancake syrup


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